Dad Complains His Laptop Has Junk, 2-Year-Old Daughter Cleans It With Soap & Water

Daughter Cleans Dad’s Laptop With Soap After Hearing It Has Junk

Whether you are a parent or not, you’ll know that kids can say and do the darndest things out of innocence.

For a father in Shandong, China, he found out how helpful his 2-year-old daughter can be, albeit at the cost of his Macbook.

His daughter’s innocent attempt at washing his Macbook went viral in China after his wife saw her in the act.

Source: Weibo

Daughter washes dad’s laptop after hearing him complain about ‘junk’

The incident occurred on 20 Oct and came about as the man talked about his computer during mealtime.

Remarking that his computer had too much junk in it, his daughter heard that and took it a little more literally than intended.

Wishing to help her dad out, the girl took his laptop for a wash — in the name of ‘cleaning’ the junk.

Source: Weibo

The girl’s mum happened to chance upon this peculiar scene and took out her phone to capture this precious moment.

“She already knows how to help Papa earn a living,” one of the captions read, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Giving the laptop the full bath treatment, she went about placing the Macbook in a pail of water before adding soap to the pail.

Adorable but potentially costly

Of course, the girl didn’t actually solve her dad’s issue. She may have created a new one instead — but nobody can deny that she had pure intentions.

The Macbook may be clean, but we bet no amount of soap can purge it of virtual junk composed of binary code.

Hopefully, the laptop’s hard drive was salvageable, at least. Otherwise, the man would have some trouble explaining why he lost all his data.

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