Lazada Neck Device Seller Gets Trolled By Users; Vendor Asks Them To Treasure Life Instead

Lazada Neck Device Seller Tells Users Who Want To “Hang Themselves” That Life Is Still Worth Living

Dealing with trolls in the online world can be a pain in the neck.

Not to this Lazada vendor in Malaysia, who is taking every single question about a beneficial neck-pulling device in stride.

Even when it’s from users asking in jest if this was a tool used to hang themselves.


A Facebook post by user Jones Low highlighted how the vendor put much thought and care into answering some frankly difficult questions on Wednesday (22 May).

Serious questions like,

Can I kill myself using this? I hate my life.

Most of which do deserve answers that are crafted carefully.

Strictly not a tool for self-harm

At press time, the post has 40 questions, mostly posed by people asking if the neck puller can be used to hang themselves.


Some of the questions above in Malay translate to this:

  • “Why does this look like an item used for suicide?”
  • “Is this a tool for suicide??”
  • “Hahaha you can die with this.”

Others were tempted to know if the device could elongate their necks.



Definitely not!

Lazada vendor turned caring “friend”

At one point, playful emojis turned to sad ones, accompanied by self-deprecating remarks.

One user even said this,


Troll or not, suicide is a sensitive topic. The last thing you want to do is to indirectly nudge people towards the wrong direction.

The vendor seems to know this and took the time to craft a thoughtful response, by asking him to do things that make him happy and start talking to his friends.

To end off the long remark, the vendor wished the user “a nice day” ahead.

Patience with more trolls

Since the Lazada vendor’s responses went viral, many have thronged the Q&A section for further trolling.

No matter, the vendor’s streak of responsiveness and care continues. It has even gotten to the point where a little tongue-in-cheek has come into play.


We aren’t the only ones who are entertained by the trolls. The vendor is too.


What is this neck pulling device actually?

According to the Lazada vendor’s post, this cervical traction set is used for relief of head, neck, and shoulder pain at home.

It is especially great for those with text neck and other spine-related problems.


There’s an array of benefits cited too, such as:

  • Gentle pulling of your neck to relieve pain from stiff muscles
  • Quick installation
  • Good gift for your family

Be kind to yourselves

The device is, definitely, not for any form of self-harm. It is also not for elongating your neck. Nor would it make you grow taller — as carefully illustrated in the Q&A section by the Lazada vendor.

Those with neck and shoulder aches, how about you giving it a try and let us know if it soothes your pain?

Featured image from Lazada Malaysia.

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