S-Hook Jie Accused Of Encouraging Suicide In Shampoo Promotion Video

S-Hook Jie Jokes That Shampoo Is “Better” For Suicide, As It Tastes Like Coke

S-Hook Jie, aka Lerine Yeo made headlines this year as a result of her hilarious online sales pitches.

But the 30-year-old’s latest video may have landed her in a bit of a predicament, after netizens accused her of encouraging suicide.

Here’s a snippet of her video. We also summarise it after the jump.

S-Hook Jie promotes shampoo

At the start of the video, S-Hook Jie was seen recommending Trichoderm Black Series to individuals with “phua chu teng” — Hokkien for someone suffering from hair loss problems.


Out of the blue, she jokingly made a reference to youngsters contemplating suicide.

According to her, it is “better” to consume the shampoo she was promoting as compared to other substances. That’s because,

This one taste like Coke.

In addition to its flavour,

There’s also a 10% discount.

For the next 30 seconds of the clip, S-Hook Jie taught potential buyers how best to apply the product on their scalps. She also suggested other body parts that they can experiment using the product on.

Towards the end of the video, she jokingly brought up the subject of suicide again.

If you want to commit suicide, buy this one. Because it tastes like pepsi-cola.


Backlash from netizens

Her comments on suicide were met with criticism from netizens, many accusing her of encouraging others to commit suicide.

One netizen pointed out that it is illegal to promote suicide.


And that netizen is correct. According to Section 306 of the Penal code, anyone found abetting an individual to commit suicide may be jailed for up to 10 years and fined.


Let’s hope nobody took her advice seriously

As of the time of this article, Ms Lerine Yeo has yet to make any comments regarding her controversial comments.

While we can’t ascertain if her comments were made jokingly, let’s hope nobody took her advice seriously.

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