Online Scam Allegedly Warns Users Of Leaked Photos & Hacks Accounts, S’porean Cautions Others

Online Scam Allegedly Steals Passwords By Warning Victims Of Leaked Photos

Scammers have refined online scams to become more sophisticated with every new iteration.

Recently, a Singaporean lady shared her encounter with an alleged new phishing scam that warns victims about their photos being uploaded onto a private forum.


To access this forum and verify the claims, the victim would need to log into the website with their details.

The victim’s login details would then allegedly be stolen by the scammer and in turn, used to access other accounts such as their social media and e-mails.

Scammer warns victims of leaked photos in a private forum

According to the lady, the online scam warns users that their photos have been leaked and used in an online forum.


The concerned victim would then be curious about this discovery naturally. After laying down the premise of the scam, the scammer would offer to send a link to the forum.

The link allegedly leads to a site eerily resembling a Facebook login page, that asks for a username and password.


Perhaps wary of logging into an unknown website, the lady asked the scammer if it was necessary.


The scammer then said that logging in was necessary to view the pictures as it was a “private” forum.

Scammer uses compromised accounts to continue scam

Apparently, once the victim logs in, the scammer would receive access to their social media, iCloud, and email accounts through the link.

They would then allegedly continue propagating the scam, using the victim’s now compromised account to reach out to their close friends and family.

To cover their tracks, they would apparently delete or archive the chats. The scammer would also delete any recovery e-mails, preventing the victims from regaining access to their accounts.

MS News has reached out to the Singapore Police Force and Cyber Security Agency of Singapore for comment on the matter and will update the article accordingly.

Hope authorities can get to the bottom of the online scam

Receiving a message like that would surely distress most people and we believe that the Singaporean lady’s reaction to it is completely justifiable.

We hope that the authorities can shed some light on this online scam so that nobody else will fall victim.

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Featured image adapted from Pixabay on Pexels and Facebook.

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