MacPherson CC ‘Cupid Event’ Includes Museum Visit, Applicants Will Be Screened Via Phone

MacPherson CC ‘Cupid Event’ Only For Singles Aged 25 To 40, Has Activities & Games

Finding one’s Mr or Ms Right in a cosmopolitan city like Singapore may be challenging.

That’s why singles need all the help they can get. Instead of relying solely on dating apps, they can now count on their friendly Community Club (CC).

MacPherson CC is organising a “Cupid Event” for singles, which includes a visit to the National Museum, among other things.

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Those who’re interested should note, however, that they will be subject to screening via phone call.

Join MacPherson CC ‘Cupid Event’ to make new friends

An advert for the event, to be held on 18 Sep (Sunday), was put up on the MacPherson Facebook page.

Organised by the MacPherson CC Women’s Executive Committee, it encouraged singles to join if they’re “interested to meet and get to know new friends”.

However, don’t bother coming if you’re not between 25 and 40 years old — not sure what that means for those who’re outside that age range. They’re either too young and should be studying/working, or over the hill and undeserving of love?

Here’s what the poster looks like, all pretty in pink with romantic vibes:

Source: MacPherson on Facebook

Activities include tea break & museum visit

Singles who’re within the (child-bearing) age range can look forward to breaking the ice in a number of ways.

Firstly, there’ll be “light activities/games”, though there are no details on what exactly that entails.

Then, one can get to know a potential mate better during a tea break.

For those who still haven’t gotten their hooks into someone by then, a visit to the National Museum might help.

Perhaps gazing at the exhibits on Singapore’s past will prompt people to make history with somebody special.

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If that isn’t enough, the fact that it’s near to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) may remind those who’re unmatched what this whole event is for.

They can then use the free time scheduled at the end of the event to make up for some lost time and snag a future partner before it’s too late.

Participants in MacPherson CC ‘Cupid Event’ will be screened

Interested participants should be on their best behaviour even before the event, though.

That’s because they’ll be screened before the actual day, perhaps to ensure some form of quality control.

This will be via phone call, said the advert.

Netizens tag family & friends

Many netizens seemed to think that the event was interesting, considering the 1,300 shares the post received as of Saturday (2 Jul) night.

Most of the more than 700 comments were posted by those who tagged their family members and/or friends, whether as a joke or otherwise.

Source: MacPherson on Facebook

Others questioned the fact that singles over 40 weren’t eligible to join, possibly implying that they’re already washed up.

Soweren’tacPherson on Facebook

Then, there was the guy who (probably jokingly?) asked whether he could forego paying the princely sum of S$10 for a ticket because he has a PAssion Card.

Source: MacPherson on Facebook

What a catch, indeed.

Helping singles out

Dating in Singapore can be fraught with uncertainty, heartbreak and peril, and we’re thankful that MacPherson CC is there to make things a little easier for singles.

After all, they’re there to provide services to citizens, and matchmaking is just one of the essential ones that are sorely needed.

If you’re interested in taking part in the event, here are some details to take note:

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Cupid Event @ MacPherson Community Club

Date & Time: 18 Sep (Sunday), 1pm
Ticket Price: S$10
Venue: MacPherson CC Hall
Address: 400 Paya Lebar Way, Singapore 379131
Tel: 6841 1085
Nearest MRT station: Mattar/MacPherson

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