This Mala Hot Pot Spring In China Is Perfect For S’porean Chilli Addicts

Mala Hot Pot Style Spring Exists In Chongqing, China

Singaporeans love their spicy food, but this spa resort in China takes the ‘hot’ in ‘hot spring’ to otherworldly levels.

If a regular level 10 Mala hotpot excites you no longer, feast your eyes on this magnificent answer to your chilli addiction.


A hot pot-style hot spring located in Chongqing, China could just give you the spicy kick you’re looking for.

Shaped like an actual hotpot

Located in the undisputed hot pot capital of China, Rong Hui Hot Spring’s hot pot concept looks to cement its status even further.


The hot spring is reportedly 7 metres across, and shaped like a traditional metal hot pot with a 4-way soup divider.

As for whether you’ll actually be soaking in real Mala-flavoured soup? Not quite.


Medicinal herbs tint the herbal soak that has ‘slimming properties’. The key ingredient used is Millettia – a vine-like plant containing red resin that promotes blood circulation.

Herbal soak smells like Mala

Bathers also claim that the hot spring’s water gives off a ‘spicy and numbing’ smell, just like actual Mala.

You’ll even get to pose with plastic veggies or hold a pair of chopsticks floating within the pool.


Not just all about the spicy

Of course, if you’re keen on more authentic hot spring experiences, Rong Hui Hot Spring offers more traditional services too.


Expect indoor to outdoor springs, spa & massage facilities, aromatherapy rooms and a massive 8,000 sqm water park with a “surfing pond”.


The ultimate Mala challenge

Mala-lovers, you’ve probably experienced all levels of spicy by now.

Will you accept the challenge to ‘cook yourself’ next?


Here are all the deets you’ll need to make the ultimate Mala pilgrimage to China, with only the bravest of your friends.

Name: Rong Hui Hot Spring Town, No 9 Huiquan Road, Shapingba District
Location: Lishuwan Village in Shapingba, Chongqing. About 100m from Radisson Blu Hotel.
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Entrance Fee: 135 to 170 RMB (S$27-34)
Tel: +86 23 65269999
Bus Route: Bus 267, 224 or 228. Get off at Linshuwan or RongHui Hot Spring Stop. You can also take a Taxi or Uber there.
Book a tour: Tripadvisor or Sg.Trip

Featured image from ECNS.

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