26-year-old M’sian man buys S$423K house for parents after 8 years of full-time work

Young man buys house for parents in Johor Bahru

After working for a funeral company for eight years, a young Malaysian man bought a house for his parents.

He said that the semi-detached home cost him a total of RM1.5 million (S$423,000).

Source: JS LIM-OFFICIAL on XiaoHongShu

While the 26-year-old joined his current company eight years ago, he had been doing part-time work since the age of 13, he claimed.

Malaysian man was born to a poor family

The Malaysian man shared the story of how he bought a house for his parents in a post on social media platform Xiaohongshu on 27 Jan.

In the post, Mr JS Lim said that he was born into a poor family.

Their financial situation was worsened by an injury his father suffered at work, rendering him unable to work for long hours.

Thus, he knew the importance of money at a young age.

Started working at the age of 13

To reduce the financial burden on his family, Mr Lim started working at the tender age of 13, he said.

During school vacations, he would work part-time while studying.

Source: JS LIM-OFFICIAL on XiaoHongShu

He reasoned that one out of every three generations would have to work hard, and if he didn’t endure hardship it would be either his children or his parents doing so.

“This is reality,” he added.

Joined funeral company 8 years ago

Eight years ago, Mr Lim joined Nirvana Asia, a funeral company.

He seized the opportunity to learn the trends in the funeral industry.

According to his Facebook profile, Mr Lim is a Nirvana Life Planner who handles one-stop professional funeral services.

Buys semi-detached house for parents

Thanks to his job, Mr Lim can now improve his parents’ living conditions.

That includes buying a semi-detached house as a gift for them at the age of 26.

Source: JS LIM-OFFICIAL on XiaoHongShu

In an interview with World Of Buzz, he confirmed that the house he bought for his parents is in Johor Bahru (JB) and cost RM1.5 million (S$423,000).

The 26-year-old deemed the house the “best gift” he’s given them, which ensures that they no longer have to worry about money.

Parents’ house not the first property he bought

As it turns out, the house Mr Lim bought for his parents isn’t his first property purchase.

The young man previously bought another house for himself, which he claimed was an investment.

Having celebrated such achievements, he encourages people to work hard and not to be afraid to chase their dreams, which he believes will come true as long as they’re down-to-earth.

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Featured image adapted from JS LIM-OFFICIAL on XiaoHongShu.

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