Man In China Passes Away After Barbell Lands On Neck, He Was Using Gym Alone

Man In China Was Attempting To Lift 120kg Barbell When It Pinned His Neck To The Bench

Warning: Some readers may find the photos and descriptions in this article graphic and triggering. Discretion is advised.

Judging from the number of gyms in Singapore, working out is a popular pastime among Singaporeans.

However, when doing potentially dangerous activities like bench pressing, it’s always advisable to have a friend around to spot you.

A man in China paid with his life to learn this lesson after he reportedly passed away when a heavy barbell landed on his neck.

Source: Weibo

He had been bench pressing at the gym alone.

Man attempts to lift heavy barbell

A horrific video of what appeared to be the man’s last moments has been circulating across social media platforms like Weibo.

In the video, the man can be seen approaching a weightlifting bench and lying down on his back.

He then grabs hold of a barbell that’s already there, which has at least three weights on one end.

Source: Weibo

Arching his back at an extreme angle, he lifts the barbell over his body.

Source: Weibo

Man tries to put barbell back, but it rolls onto his neck

Expending considerable effort, the man lowers the barbell over his chest, seemingly trying to push it back into one of the hooks.

However, his arms struggle to do so, eventually giving way and causing the barbell to roll down onto his neck.

Source: Weibo

Gasping in pain, the man continues to hold on to the barbell in an attempt to free himself.

Sadly, this proves to be in vain, and his arm eventually loses its grip on the barbell and his body lowers onto the bench.

For several excruciating moments, his body, arms and legs start convulsing before he goes limp.

Source: Weibo

As the video ends, some twitching can be seen from his otherwise lifeless body.

Man was a fitness enthusiast

The incident took place at a gym in Henan province, reported China’s Yangtse Evening News.

The video, which was taken on 3 July, was filmed by the deceased.

He was a 27-year-old man named Xiaohou who had set up his phone on a tripod to record his fitness routine.

According to the gym’s owner, named only as Mr Zhao (transliterated from Mandarin), Xiaohou was a fitness enthusiast.

In fact, so obsessed was he with working out that he never thought about getting a girlfriend in the four years he’d been pumping iron on his own after university.

Mr Zhao, who described Xiaohou as one of his best friends, also said Xiaohou never asked someone to spot him while lifting weights as he was “confident”.

Man found alone in gym with barbell on neck

On that fateful day, Xiaohou had entered the gym alone before it opened at 2.30pm.

Mr Zhao said he had the key as he used to work there as a trainer.

The deadly incident took place at about 1.57pm, according to CCTV footage.

Source: Sina

When the gym staff arrived at 2.30pm, they found him stuck under a barbell with 120kg of weights on it.

They called for an ambulance, but when medics arrived they found that he had already passed away.

Family members reportedly ask for S$225K compensation

About an hour after Xiaohou’s passing, his family members arrived at the gym with a crystal coffin, Mr Zhao told Yangtse Evening News.

They demanded the gym pay them compensation of 1.2 million yuan (S$225,000) and refused to remove his body from the gym, he claimed.

Describing their actions as “heartbreaking”, Mr Zhao said this caused many members to ask for a refund of their fees.

Eventually, the gym had to close down, with losses estimated at 600,000 yuan (S$112,400).

Source: Sina

Despite this, Xiaohou’s family allegedly continued to press for compensation and sued him in court.

Unfortunately for Mr Zhao, the court ruled that the gym was 90% liable for the incident.

Feeling aggrieved, he has filed an appeal and is hoping for a favourable outcome.

Relationship with deceased’s family strained

Before Xiaohou’s passing, their group of friends used to visit his house bearing gifts during festivals.

While they used to get along well with his family, Mr Zhao hasn’t seen Xiaohou’s mother at all since the fatal incident, he said.

The only relative he’s in touch with is Xiaohou’s uncle, but the only thing they talk about is compensation, he added.

They don’t even know where their friend is buried, he maintained, lamenting,

Many of us want to visit his grave, but we can’t find it.

Always get a spotter when bench pressing

Hopefully, this incident will teach gym rats to always get someone to spot them when bench pressing.

After all, one may be confident of their abilities, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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