Man Makes Chicken Soup For First Time Without Gutting It, Colour Turns Green With Excrement

Chicken Soup Ends Up Looking Weird After Man Boils Meat Without Cleaning Insides

A family in China contracted Covid-19, and a man ended up having to take care of his family members as he was the only one who wasn’t infected.

But after he made chicken soup for the first time, his wife noticed that the soup’s colour appeared odd.

She then discovered that her husband hadn’t removed the innards and faeces from the whole chicken before boiling it.

Source: Weibo

In the end, she fed the meat to her dog and left the soup uneaten.

Man boils chicken soup without cleaning insides

According to China’s Jiupai News, the man from Zaozhuang in Shandong province was left to take care of his family as he was the only one who didn’t have Covid-19.

But it was his first time making chicken soup, so he boiled it without removing the whole chicken’s innards or cleaning its insides.

His wife then noticed that the soup’s colour appeared unnatural. “It looked different from the chicken soup I cooked,” she said.

Source: Weibo

She then found out about what her husband did. “He usually doesn’t observe the way I cook chicken soup. For this chicken, I suspect that once he saw the entire chicken bare without any feathers, he probably thought it was good enough for cooking,” she said.

Of course, the soup was undrinkable since there appeared to be chicken excrement in it, so she ended up tearing the meat and feeding it to her dog.

Husband becomes infected by Covid-19 later

The woman added that her husband became the last person in the family to be infected after taking care of the family for three days.

Amused netizens commented that the man appeared to lack common sense.

One of them even wondered if the man had deliberately messed up the cooking so he could get away with cooking next time.

But others commended the man for doing his best to take care of the family while everyone else was sick.

Despite his efforts, though, it appears his cooking gave his wife more headaches instead.

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Featured image adapted from Jiupai News on Weibo

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