Man Starts Fight With Elderly Commuter On MRT Over Loud Earphones Music

One thing that can disrupt a peaceful MRT ride is when a fellow commuter nearby is blasting loud music through their earphones.

But while most of us will simply accept this as our fate, one man allegedly got so annoyed that he started a fight.

On Sunday (28 Nov), a video was shared to Beh Chia Lor Facebook group of a man fighting with another elder commuter over loud earphones music.

Thankfully, other commuters soon stepped in to stop him.

Man starts fight with elderly on MRT

On Sunday (28 Nov), Facebook group Beh Chia Lor shared a video of the man attacking an elderly commuter on the MRT near Ang Mo Kio station.

According to the post, the incident occurred as the man had a problem with the elderly man playing music on his earphones too loudly.

In the opening seconds of the video, the man in a purple shirt could be seen standing over the elderly before throwing punches his way.


In an attempt to keep him away, the elderly could be seen kicking the man in purple.

At one point, the man in purple fell to the floor as he spewed Hokkien vulgarities.


While some commuters in the train carriage stepped away, others went forward to break the pair up.

When they broke apart, the man in purple directed more profanities at the elderly man before pulling down his mask.

man fight MRTSource

The commuters around them then signalled for him to calm down.

Commuters try to calm things down

In the next part of the video, the man in purple could be heard telling the elderly man that he needs to make sense when he talks. He then says the elderly man’s music is too loud.

The elderly man could be heard muttering some responses to him in return.

Uttering more profanities, the man in purple then whipped out his phone and used it in silence.

Breaking the tension in the train carriage, a lady speaking in Mandarin addressed the elderly man, saying, “uncle, old already, don’t argue”.

When the elderly man retorted that he was simply asking the man in purple not to disturb him, the lady continued that as an elderly person, he should not worry his children.

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At the same time, the man in purple was ranting to another commuter, saying he had asked the elderly man not to play music so loudly.

However, he said the elderly man scolded him for it, angering him.

At this, the elderly man chimed in saying he did not scold him.

The lady and other commuters then directed the elderly man to sit at an opposite seat, further from the man.

man fight MRTSource

As the elderly man made his way there, the man could still be heard spewing vulgarities, venting his frustrations as commuters around him tried to calm him down.

The video then cuts off there.

Netizens say man should not resort to violence

Many netizens felt that while hearing loud music blasting from earphones can be irritating, nothing justifies hitting someone, especially an elder person.


This netizen said that it is the elderly man’s right to listen to music louder and it is also the man’s right to walk away. Either way, the man should not have resorted to violence.


Others pointed out how commuters helped stop the fight, praising them for their actions.


Kudos to commuters who helped break fight up

Kudos to the commuters who stepped forward to break up the fight and calm both men down.

No matter the situation, we should always do our best to talk things out. After all, violence is never the answer.

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Featured image adapted from Beh Chia Lor on Facebook.