‘Caucasian Man’ Follows Woman From MRT Station & Asks For Her Contact, She Warns Other Women On TikTok

Woman Warns Others Not To Engage Caucasian Male After Being Followed From MRT Station

Commuting back home after work is usually a mundane, uneventful routine. However, shocking experiences shared by others prove it’s best not to let our guard down and stay vigilant.

On Saturday (25 Feb), a woman named Joan uploaded a TikTok video, saying a man started following her when she got off the MRT.


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The man, described as Caucasian or Turkish, reportedly kept trying to talk to her and followed her out of the MRT station — even though it didn’t look like he stayed in the area.

Stating that she was “traumatised” by the interaction, Joan warned other women not to speak to the man if approached.

Man follows woman after she alights from MRT

Speaking to MS News, Joan said the incident occurred on Friday (24 Feb) at around 10.30pm. She had just gotten off the MRT on the North-South Line that night when a man who looked to be Caucasian or Turkish started following her.

Source: @joanchen_ on TikTok

He initiated a conversation when she yawned, asking if she was tired.

While initially confused, she started conversing with him, thinking they were only making small talk.

But Joan shared that the man continued talking to her, asking where she worked and lived. At this time, she was heading home after alighting from the train.

Not reading too much into the situation, she told the man where she worked. However, when she returned the question, the man said he worked at “my [his] company”.

He continued talking to her. As they reached the bottom of the escalator, the man asked if they could keep in touch.

To ward off his advances, Joan told him she had a boyfriend.

Despite that, the man persisted, repeatedly asking her to “try” since she was not married yet.

Man keeps asking her to ‘try’, gets off at same MRT station

Joan said she refused the man, but he tried convincing her to “try” — she did not know what that meant.

She tapped out and headed towards the MRT station exit. But the man still followed her.

At this point, Joan was wary of him and quickly called her friend. She told her friend to wait for her at a bus stop.

However, when she turned around, she saw the man returning to the MRT.

Suddenly, it dawned on her that the man did not live anywhere in the area, despite telling her otherwise.

Woman traumatised by incident

Feeling traumatised by the encounter, Joan was so fearful of him following her that she sat at a playground recording the TikTok video while looking out for him instead of returning home.

In a subsequent video, she said this was because she wanted to make sure he would not know where her house was if he happened to be following her.

Joan then concluded her video by warning other women on the MRT red line not to engage with the Caucasian-looking man if they were approached.

She also told MS News a piece of advice she’d like to impart to other women: avoid going home straight away if you think you’re being followed.

“It’s even more dangerous if the stalker knows exactly where you live,” she warned.

Netizens share similar experiences

Joan’s video soon went viral, garnering over 100,000 views.

Many netizens could relate to her feelings and shared similar stories. One netizen said they saw a similar man that appeared to be recording them and followed them off the MRT.

woman MRT man

Source: TikTok

Some also shared advice, saying that acting “crazy” can help scare such people away.

woman MRT man

Source: TikTok

One netizen even told her that she should lodge a police report over the incident.

Source: TikTok

Nonetheless, Joan said the man technically did not do anything. She made the video to warn others about the man.

PSA: If you believe you’re a victim of harassment, do alert the station staff so they can assist you with your concerns. You can also call 999 or visit the nearest Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) to speak to a police officer. They’re available 24/7.

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Featured image adapted from @joanchen_ on TikTok.

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