Manager Calls M’sian Staff ‘Stupid’ For Fetching Him Late After His Car Tyres Burst, She Resigns

Manager Calls M'sian Staff 'Stupid' For Fetching Him Late After His Car Tyres Burst, She Resigns

Woman Resigns After Manager Allegedly Repeatedly Scolds Her With Profanities

Going to work can be stressful enough, but it gets much worse when your employer doesn’t even show you basic respect.

A woman in Malaysia shared that she resigned after her manager allegedly scolded her with vulgarities.

She finally had enough of his utter disrespect towards her and quit on the same day she was given her confirmation letter at work.

Her last straw was when he called her “stupid” for fetching him late.

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Woman resigns after manager continuously uses vulgarities on her

In her Twitter response to a question she received on what constitutes a “toxic environment” at work, the OP wrote that she used to have a manager who would shout and swear at her.

This unpleasant experience occurred in late 2019 when she was working as a graphic designer, she told World of Buzz.

She endured his tirade of profanities for a few months, although it left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Her last straw was when her manager called one day and asked her to pick him up from his house because he had a flat tyre.

The OP complied but was slightly late as she could not find the way to his home.

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However, rather than being grateful that she went out of her way to fetch him, the manager called her “stupid”.

Having had enough of his horrid treatment, the OP quit her job the very next day.

Ironically, World of Buzz reported that she received her confirmation letter from the company that same day, presumably after a period of probation.

When her manager asked why she was resigning, the OP replied,

I cannot tolerate rudeness and vulgarities.

Her former manager was apparently speechless as he simply stared at her wordlessly.

In a follow-up tweet, the OP admitted that she cried at her desk after being scolded.

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She even thought she was “weak” for doing so but later realised that no employee should ever be treated that way.

Difference between maintaining hierarchy & disrespect

There is a very thick line between a superior maintaining hierarchy at work and being plain disrespectful to employees.

If the woman’s account is true, then her former manager definitely crossed the line.

Should you happen to resonate with her tale of workplace toxicity or if you have any other workplace grievances, do refer to the Ministry of Manpower website to see what you can do to protect yourself.

We’re glad the OP was able to leave such a toxic environment and hope she’s in a much better workplace now.

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