This Dreamy 5-Room Marine Drive Resale Flat Proves Couples Don’t Have To BTO To Get A Chic Pad

5-Room Marine Drive Resale Flat Is An Uber Chic Pad

Besides the occasional breeze from being close to the beach, there’s not much else that particularly stands out about Marine Drive.


Flats there look old, and rightfully so, as most were completed way back in 1975. So the first thing that comes to mind is a small, slightly shabby apartment.

But local interior design company The Local INN.terior gave one of those units a complete makeover, and the result will blow your minds.

Bright spot amidst the monotones

You can easily spot the 5-room resale unit from afar, with its bright yellow door that stands out from the white walls and grey concrete.


Behind the door lies clean, white walls all around, contrasted with funky, printed tiles covering the floor.


One quick look and you’d think this was a suburban home in America or Europe instead of a humble HDB flat in Singapore.

Wide, open spaces

Apart from the partitions that separate the different spaces, the flat has an open concept, so you can easily drift from one spot to another.


Fewer doors and dividers also means way more natural light flooding in, making the entire house look even bigger and livelier.


The living room and dining area flow into a chill area-cum-bedroom and yet another bedroom, each separated by folding doors and sliding doors respectively.


There’s so much space to laze around and simply enjoy the view through the clear glass windows. Sunset-watching will never be the same again.

Subtle tones

So much white can get a bit boring, which is why the designers have complemented it with little pops of colour here and there.

Take the dining area for example, which has a pastel pink wall and teal lamp shades trailing down from the ceiling.


The wooden texture extends from the furniture to the rows of beams on the ceiling, which is a feature you only see in big houses in home renovation shows.


The rustic, homely vibes can be felt from all corners of the house, making this flat a dream home any of us would love to come back to.

Design your dream home

This resale flat’s fresh new look is proof that you don’t necessarily need a spanking new BTO to have an insta-worthy home.

Get some help from the folks at The Local INN.terior and let them work their magic to build you your dream abode.

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