More Thundery Showers In S’pore In Rest Of Sep Between Late Morning & Afternoon

More Thundery Showers In Rest Of Sep Due To Moist Air Mass & Weakening Of Low-Level Winds

In the first half of September, Singapore experienced below-average rainfall in some parts of the island, leading to generally warm temperatures.

However, the second half of the month will see more thundery showers, hopefully bringing the heat down even if just by a notch.

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These thundery showers are expected to be in the late morning and afternoon.

More thundery showers on most days in Sep

In a weather advisory on Friday (15 Sep), the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said wetter weather conditions should come to Singapore in the last two weeks of September.

These will take the form of short-duration thundery showers on most days.

Specifically, they’re forecast to occur between the late morning and afternoon over parts of the island.

Prevailing Southwest Monsoon conditions set to continue

The increased rainfall will be caused by a moist air mass and a slight weakening of low-level winds over Singapore and the surrounding region, MSS said.

This is part of the prevailing Southwest Monsoon conditions, which are set to continue over the area.

During this time, low-level winds will blow mainly from the southeast or southwest.

Heavier rain on 2 or 3 days

On two or three days in the next two weeks, the thundery showers will become heavier, MSS said.

These moderate to heavy showers will happen in the afternoon, sometime in the middle of the fortnight.

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This will be due to the regional convergence of winds.

Overall, the rainfall for the second half of September will be above average.

Similarly, the total rainfall for the whole month is also predicted to be above average over most parts of the island.

Maximum temperature of 32-34°C on most days

Despite the higher likelihood of rain, most days will still be balmy, as is typical for Singapore.

The daily maximum temperature on these days should fall between 32°C and 34°C.

There could even be a few warm days where the temperature will hit a high of “slightly above” 34°C, MSS said.

Below-average rainfall in some parts in 1st half of Sep

In the first half of Sep, the northeastern and southwestern parts of Singapore recorded below-average rainfall.

However, above-average rainfall fell over the rest of the island, MSS said.

Source: MSS

While Lower Peirce Reservoir was the wettest — experiencing rainfall of 109% above average, Tai Seng was the driest. The area recorded rainfall of 47% below average.

Widespread thundery showers on 6 Sep

On some days in the last fortnight, localised short-duration thundery showers fell over parts of the island in the late morning and afternoon.

However, there were several days when the weather was generally fair and occasionally windy.

Notably, Singaporeans might have found last Wednesday (6 Sep) particularly rainy.

That was because the large-scale convergence of winds over Singapore and the region led to widespread moderate to heavy thundery showers over many parts of Singapore in the afternoon.

The highest rainfall for those two weeks was also recorded on that day — 157.5 mm at Lower Peirce Reservoir.

Wet weather in July means time to stay in & relax

Whether warm or cold, rainy weather will no doubt be the best to nua or relax in, so take every chance you can get to rest over the next fortnight.

After all, everybody needs a break from the recent warm spell.

Just don’t fall asleep at work and get caught.

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