Mother In M’sia Rides Motorcycle Slowly & Carries Cane While Accompanying Son On His Jog

Mother Wields Cane While Tailing Jogging Son On Motorcycle

Motivation is important when it comes to exercising — try dangling a piece of McCrispy as a prize at the end of a finish line and you might see runners going at breakneck speed.

A mother in Malaysia was keenly aware of that as she was spotted providing some useful motivation to her son while he was jogging.

Source: @farhinjeffry on TikTok

A viral TikTok video showed her closely tailing the young boy on a motorcycle while wielding a terrifying cane.

Mother carries cane while accompanying son on jog

TikTok user @farhinjeffry posted footage of the unusual encounter on Monday (18 Sep).


semangat dik , hidup ni keras mcm rotan yang mak kau bawak tu 🤣 #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #masukberanda

♬ Jiwa Yang Bersedih – Ghea Indrawari

In the video, a boy in blue was seen running on the footpath outside a police station in Perak, Malaysia.

Source: @farhinjeffry on TikTok

Riding a motorbike next to him was a lady whom the OP identified as the boy’s mother.

As the boy and his alleged mother got closer to the OP’s car, it became apparent that the mother was holding what appeared to be the scythe of all Asian kids’ childhood — the notorious cane.

Source: @farhinjeffry on TikTok

The mother’s intention also became clear, which explains the TikTok user’s caption,

Cheer up bro, life is as hard as the cane your mum brought.

Some applaud mother’s efforts

The clip has gone viral with nearly one million views at the time of writing.

Even though such an approach might appear extreme to many, this netizen claimed that he once benefitted from a similar method too.

Source: TikTok

Another TikTok user quipped that the son should credit his mother if he was successful with his transformation.

Source: TikTok

Do you think such a method is effective in getting kids to exercise more? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @farhinjeffry on TikTok.

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