Mother Tongue Support Programme Lets P3 & 4 Kids Learn At Their Own Pace From 2021

Mother Tongue Support Programme Allows For More Comfortable Learning

Mother Tongue is a challenging subject for many students, especially those from mainly English-speaking families.

The pressure to perform well in the prerequisite subject often takes a toll on those who struggle with their Mother Tongues.

But the latest in a series of major changes by the Ministry of Education (MOE) might change that, as schools try to take a softer approach.

Mother Tongue Support Programme will begin from 2021

Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung revealed the plans at the 8th Mother Tongue Languages Symposium on Saturday (24 Aug).


The MTSP is an extension of the Learning Support Programmes (LSP) for English and Math.

Just like LSP, students who need extra help with their Mother Tongues will learn in small groups of five to eight.

More engaging lessons for students

A trial run has been in place in 14 schools for Chinese, 5 for Malay and 5 for Tamil since 2018.

Classes involve hands-on activities demonstrating “the practical usefulness of the languages”. Interactive learning materials like picture cards help students learn more actively.


According to Mr Ong, students from the pilot programme are more willing to use their Mother Tongues in daily interactions.

The promising response is why MOE has decided to start the MTSP for Primary 3 students in 2021, followed by Primary 4 students in 2022.

Better support for learning Mother Tongue

Hopefully once the programme is officially in place, more students who need additional help will receive it, so they can cope with their studies better.

Mr Ong wishes that the MTSP will also encourage children to pick up their Mother Tongues with joy and confidence.


Family and friends will thus play a crucial role in incorporating the use of Mother Tongue in daily communication.

Perhaps now that we have a comfortable grasp over the English language, this is our chance to strive towards being truly, effectively bilingual.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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