‘Death’ of M’sian rapper Namewee announced over social media, netizens think it’s an April Fool’s joke

M’sian rapper Namewee announces ‘death’ on April Fool’s Day, no official confirmation

If his social media accounts are to be believed, Malaysian rapper Namewee has died.

According to posts on his official profiles, the 40-year-old star, known for his controversial songs and videos, passed away due to unknown causes on Monday (1 April).

Source: Namewee 黃明志 on Facebook

However, netizens have suspected that it’s an April Fool’s joke as there has so far been no official confirmation of his death.

Namewee announces ‘death’ on Facebook & Instagram

Exactly two minutes past midnight on 1 April, a black-and-white photo with the caption “1983-2024” surfaced on Namewee’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, seemingly signalling his untimely demise.

Source: Namewee 黃明志 on Facebook

This was followed up by another post about five hours later of an apparent “obituary”. Referring to him as “The Ghosician”, it said members of the public could attend a “visitation” and “farewell ceremony” on 1 April at Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur.


Source: Namewee 黃明志 on Facebook

The venue is a memorial centre under the funeral services company Nirvana Asia Group.

Attendees were asked to wear all-white, though media coverage was not permitted.

Condolence wreaths, flower stands, money, obituaries, and memorial advertisements were declined.

Management doesn’t confirm death of Namewee

In response to queries, Namewee’s artiste management company told Malaysia’s Sin Chew Daily his farewell ceremony would indeed be held at the stated date and time at Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur.

However, it didn’t confirm his death.

Malaysia media also quoted Nirvana Asia Group as saying that the venue had been reserved for the evening of 1 April.

Farewell ceremony is real

Intriguingly, another post on Namewee’s social media accounts that afternoon showed that this was indeed true.

A memorial had indeed been set up at the venue, complete with flowers atop what resembled a coffin and photographs of the star.

Source: Namewee 黃明志 on Facebook

A netizen who turned up shared a video of the event, held at a luxurious-looking hall.

Source: Ooi Sunnie on Facebook

She even received a goodie bag containing a bottle of mineral water, among other things.

Source: Ooi Sunnie on Facebook

That afternoon, a Nirvana employee shared a selfie taken with a plaque that had Namewee’s photo and the words “The Late Mr. Namewee” on it.

She said she didn’t expect their first photo together to be like this, and she would “love him forever” as his music had touched her deeply.

Source: 富贵生命经理师-湘傧 on Facebook

The plot thickened when Malaysia’s Oriental Daily News reportedly caught sight of Namewee’s parents arriving at the hall at 7.43pm.

Wearing face masks, they entered quietly under the guidance of staff.

Though the event was open to the public, photography wasn’t allowed at the venue, the news outlet said. About 20 people were there.

Namewee listed as dead on Wikipedia

Speculation intensified when Namewee’s death was listed on the Chinese version of Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia profile for Namewee, whose Chinese name is Huang Zhiming (黄明志), was briefly edited to indicate that he had died on 1 April 2024.

Source: 文婷婷 on Facebook

This edit was later removed.

More bizarrely, a photo started circulating over the Internet of a man taking a “selfie” with a man who looked like Namewee — lying in what appeared to be a coffin.

Source: Facebook

Netizens think it’s an April Fool’s joke

Many netizens responded to the macabre news by dismissing it as an April Fool’s joke, considering the date that Namewee seemingly died.

Source: Facebook

They also believed that he would “resurrect” the next day.

Source: Facebook

However, many thought the rapper had gone too far with the joke, pointing out that it was inauspicious.

Source: Facebook

Some also compared it to the death of Hong Kong star Leslie Cheung, who died on 1 April 2003.

New album to promote?

Additionally, fans familiar with Namewee’s work suggested that Namewee was promoting a new song or album.

They pointed to the fact that in his “obituary”, he was referred to as “The Ghosician” — the name of his 2021 album.

Source: Namewee 黃明志 on Facebook

In his most recent album ‘Weenomenon’, released last November, there’s also a track titled ‘When I’m Gone’ (当我离开以后), written from the perspective of a deceased person.

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