Resident In M’sia Says S’pore Neighbour Complained Of CNY Firecrackers Waking Her Child Up

Video Posted By Resident In Malaysia Shows ‘S’pore Neighbour’ Ranting Over Noise From Firecrackers

A woman who lives in Malaysia has claimed that her “neighbour from Singapore” complained to them about the noise from firecrackers on the eve of Chinese New Year (CNY).

While the neighbour allegedly accused her family of setting off the firecrackers, they were actually set off by other residents in the estate, the resident said.

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In her rant, the neighbour mentioned that her child had woken up five times due to the noise.

Neighbour shouts at family over firecracker noise in Malaysia estate

A video of part of the argument over firecracker noise in a Malaysian estate was posted by a netizen on Friday (9 Feb), which was CNY Eve.

Her post, which has already gained 13,000 shares, includes a 35-second clip of a woman scolding the OP and her family in front of their house.

It starts off with the neighbour shouting at them. She was restrained by a man next to her, who was also recording the incident with his phone.

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Another man off-camera shouts back at her, vehemently denying that they set off fireworks. Others try to calm the situation down by asking them to “relax”.

However, the neighbour noted that the OP’s family had already brought out firecrackers and were planning to set them off.

The family replied that they were only preparing to set them off but their child was playing with bang snaps — mini fireworks that contain a small amount of explosives that make a “cracking” noise when thrown on the ground.

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The firecracker noise she was complaining about actually came from other residents farther down the road, OP claimed.

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Neighbour says child woke up 5 times

Undeterred, the neighbour denied scolding people and said her child had woken up five times due to the noise.

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When the OP’s family reiterated that it was other residents who set off the firecrackers, the neighbour grudgingly said: “Okay lor, sorry I said wrongly.”

But she continued to assert that they had brought out so many boxes of firecrackers outside their house and must be preparing to set them off.

According to Malaysia’s Sin Chew Daily, the incident took place at a residential estate in Malacca.

Resident claims neighbour is from Singapore

In the caption on her post, OP claimed the neighbour was from Singapore, and rushed over from her place in a fit of anger.

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However, the neighbour had a slight Malaysian Chinese accent.

OP said her son had only been throwing Bang Snaps at the ground, and asked the boy to demonstrate.

Addressing the neighbour, she then asked:

I think you haven’t experienced Chinese New Year in Malaysia before, right?

In a subsequent video posted in the comments section, OP said the neighbour finally retreated home after the “entire street of residents” scolded her.

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Netizens tell neighbour to go back to S’pore

Many of the almost 4,300 comments on the post took the OP’s side, saying this is how CNY is celebrated in Malaysia.

If she doesn’t accept it, don’t come to Malaysia for CNY, one commenter said.

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Another netizen told the woman that Singapore is more suitable for her and not to mess up life in Malaysia.

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She was also advised to go back to Singapore for CNY so she could sleep till dawn.

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A respondent then said they would let off 10 rounds of firecrackers in reply to the woman.

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Indeed, the OP later posted a video of the residents defiantly setting off pretty but noisy fireworks in the middle of the street.

Source: Facebook

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