1,088m-Long Dragon Yusheng Available In S’pore At S$1.08 Million For Maximum Huat In 2024

1,088m-Long Dragon Yusheng Available In S'pore At S$1.08 Million For Maximum Huat In 2024

Neo Garden Catering Has 1,088m-Long Dragon-Shaped Yusheng For S$1.08 Million

If you want the maximum amount of huat this Chinese New Year (and also happen to have more money than you know what to do with), then this is for you.

Singapore catering company Neo Garden is offering an over-the-top yusheng at the very eye-watering price of S$1.08 million.

The extravagant dragon-shaped creation stretches 1,088 metres long, so you might want to ensure you have ample space before placing an order.

Source: Neo Garden

Fret not if that’s a little out of your budget — the catering company has cheaper options, too.

Neo Garden Catering has long yusheng that costs S$1.08 million

Neo Garden is no stranger to putting together very long yusheng dishes.

In 2016, it made yusheng which measured up to 80m in length, but the caterer has taken it to a whole new level this year.

Its latest Chinese New Year menu features a selection of very, very long yusheng.

Known as the Majestic Longevity Dragon Yusheng, they range between eight and 1,088 metres long.

yusheng neo garden

Source: Neo Garden

“Meticulously crafted and adorned with an abundance of fresh ingredients, this yusheng promises an extraordinary experience, perfect for grand celebrations,” the pamphlet reads.

Indeed, if you want something ridiculously grand, it’s pretty hard to beat this.

The mother of all yushengs on the menu is the Celestial Dragon Yusheng, which is 1,088 metres long and comes at the princely sum of S$1.08 million. Before GST, by the way.

Basically, it costs as much as a house. But hey, anything for the ’gram, right?

For smaller gatherings, you can consider the eight-metre-long Fortune Dragon Yusheng, which will set you back S$3,888 (again, before GST).

Neo Garden will even throw in a free 15-foot-long Dragon Pearl Yusheng for those who order a yusheng that’s 108 metres or more.

Alternatively, there’s the Golden Harvest Dragon Boat, which is available in six-metre, eight-metre, and 10-metre options.

yusheng neo garden

Source: Neo Garden

These will set you back between S$2,888 and S$4,888 before GST and also makes a killer centrepiece slash table.

Smaller, more affordable options available, too

Of course, Neo Garden has plenty of more modest and apartment-friendly yusheng options, too.

The Abundance Dragon Yusheng, which costs S$488 for a 30-inch plate and S$988 for a 50-inch one, features just the head of the dragon and is just as great for photos.

yusheng neo garden

Source: Neo Garden

There’s also the Neo’s Prosperity Yusheng, priced from S$48.80 for a 12-inch plate — just enough for a nice family gathering of four to six people.

Source: Neo Garden

It may be small, but it sure will be a lot easier to clean up compared to its 1km-long counterpart.

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Featured image adapted from Neo Garden.

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