Neopets Mobile Set For Summer 2019 Release; S’porean 90s Kids Are Psyched

Neopets Finally Coming To Mobile In Summer 2019

Miss talking to your Bruce, Aisha or Kacheek? Want to have another go at Tiki Tack Tombola on Mystery Island?

You may very well be able to do those again come this summer.

See, the Neopets World will soon welcome its very own mobile app this summer. Now we’ll be able to play our favorite childhood game on-the-go.

We’re not sure what the app will be like, but here are 3 features we enjoyed that we hope will make an appearance on the mobile version.

1. Mini-games

Neopets will not be the same without its maze of mini-games.


From Meerca Chase to Dubloon Disaster, we literally begged our mothers for permission to play these 2D games after finishing our ting xie practice.


The graphics may not be as realistic then, but that didn’t stop us one bit from having fun.


Have no idea what we’re talking about? You’re probably not a 90s kid, but we assure you, these mini-games are dangerously addictive.

2. Battledome

When we were younger, we couldn’t watch wrestlers brawl in WWE, but we were allowed to watch our pets battle it out in the Battledome.


Let’s hope the Battledome makes an appearance on the app. Not to mention the ability to acquire items on to zhng our Neopets with cool equips.


3. ‘Painting’ our pets

Paintbrushes are arguably the most highly sought after items in the Neopets universe, going for millions of Neopoints a piece.


These gave us the ability to transform plain-looking pets into magical-looking, themed ones.


Try salvaging your account

Chances are, most of us have already forgotten our login credentials to our eons-old Neopets accounts.

But if you’re one of the lucky few that still has access to your accounts, you may be in luck!

Who knows, there may be some transferable content for you when Neopets returns this summer.

That said, don’t be too surprised if this is the state of your pet when you finally succeed in logging into your eon-old Neopets accounts.


Your Neopet doesn’t blame you one bit though, they are fully aware that you were busy growing up.

Let us know if you’re psyched for Neopets Mobile in the comments below!

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Featured image from Neopets and Shopomo Inspiration.

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