Thirsty MapleStory M Fans Crash Game Servers On First Day Of Singapore Release

MapleStory M Launched, But Undergoing Server Maintenance Till 9.30PM Just Like The Old Times

MapleStory fans eager to relive the good ol’ days were unfortunately greeted with this message upon logging into the new app.

Screenshot from MapleStory M

If you press ‘Confirm’ in disbelief, you’ll be greeted with this follow-up:

Screenshot from MapleStory M

Go forth and F5 away fellow Maplers.


Maintaining Maple, just like the good ol’ days

A quick glance at MapleStory M’s Facebook page revealed an apologetic note from the Game Masters.

Apparently, the game is already undergoing server maintenance just hours after its launch. The bad news?

It’s been extended for another 3 hours and 30 min.

Well, we can’t say we’re not familiar with this process.

Maintenance extended again till 9.30PM

The schedule for maintenance is as follows:

  • Jul. 25th (Wed) 5-9.30PM (GMT+8)
  • Reason: Connection improvement and server stabilization

In an attempt to appease riled up Maplers, MapleStory M will be offering these rewards to affected players:

  • 3 x Auto Battle Charge Ticket (10 Min)
  • 5 x Cotton Candy On A Stick
  • 3 x Mrs. Ming Ming’s Grub

But they’ll have to be claimed 24 hours after the scheduled maintenance.

Too many users connecting at the same time

A delayed server connection was reportedly due to lots of users attempting to connect to Maple at the same time.

Perhaps they didn’t anticipate the overwhelming demand for the game.

Word on the street is – according to the developers at least – if the connection is “not available”, you should “close the app and try to re-login after a moment”.

Frustrated Maplers take to the comments section

Frustrated would-be gamers flooded the comments section with complaints, after the maintenance was extended yet again.

Seems like MapleStory M didn’t expect the demand, even after “pre-registration of 2 million players”.


Others complained about the lack of instructions about two different servers for Hong Kong & the rest of South East Asia — which includes Singapore.


FYI, if you’re in Singapore you should create a character in Asia 2, or risk losing everything.

Please fix it soon

We’re all itching to enter the world of Maple again in all its side-scrolling MMORPG glory.

However, those who can’t stand the lag, should probably lay off the game for the first few days.

Hopefully things will stabilise after a while. Let’s try again at 9.30PM shall we?

Happy Mapling everyone!

Featured image from MapleStory M and Facebook.

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