Nicole Seah Takes Wefie With Shy Girl During Walkabout At 85 Fengshan Market

Workers’ Party Nicole Seah has been in the spotlight ever since she announced her candidacy for General Election 2020 (GE2020).


Given how popular she is, it’s understandable that Singaporeans of all ages would love to have a picture with her.

On Wednesday (1 Jul), a photographer named Edwin Koo took to Facebook, recounting a heartwarming incident involving Ms Seah and a young girl who wanted a picture with her, but faced some difficulties doing so.


Young girl wants picture with Nicole Seah, but didn’t have phone

According to the post, Ms Seah was conducting a walkabout at Fengshan 85 Market when she noticed a young girl following her.

Naturally, Ms Seah approached the young girl and asked if she wanted to ask a question or take a picture with her.


The girl shyly nodded, but apparently did not have a mobile phone.

In a wholesome gesture, Ms Seah proceeded to take a wefie using her own phone, and asked the girl for one of her parent’s number, so she could send the photo to her.

Mr Koo was touched by the episode, and realised that it was something he often preached during his photography classes:

Don’t just take a photo, make a photo together.

Extending help to those who need it

Like Mr Koo, we too were moved by Ms Seah actions, going the extra mile so the young girl could have the photo she wanted.

At the end of the day, you might not agree with the policies that Ms Seah and her political party are pushing for, but this seemingly unassuming incident speaks volumes about the person she is, providing help to those among us who need it.

Featured image adapted from Facebook