Youngsters Taunt Each Other As They Race Into The Night On KPE

Driving at night can be quite dangerous, despite the empty roads.

That’s because deserted roads can function as race tracks for drivers looking to satisfy their need for speed.

On Tuesday (4 Dec), footage surfaced on Facebook group Singapore Reckless Drivers showing a bunch of youngsters having a night race along one of our expressways.

The original video has since been taken down.

Here’s the video in full, we also summarise it after the jump.

Night race with friends

The video starts off with a car attempting to play catch up with another black car. The black car – driven by someone named ‘Raph’ or ‘Ralph’ – is presumably friends with the group in the main car.


The car carrying the lady with the phone then accelerates aggressively and overtakes the other car in just 5 seconds.

This lady then winds down the window and sticks her phone out to film Ralph’s car lagging behind.

Ralph catches up eventually, but the passenger in the faster car directs this gesture towards him.


The lady filming also taunts him by calling him a tortoise. Ralph retaliates by showing the finger.


The two cars were seen racing side by side on the open expressway throughout the 2 subsequent Instastories.


A change of scenery

Two cars appear to be cruising along calmly in a tunnel – presumably still along KPE – in the next clip.

But the lull in activity didn’t last very long. Within just 3 seconds, the cars began racing through the tunnel once again.


The lady taking the video was clearly enjoying herself, as seen by her choice of stickers on her Instastories.


Racing in the open again

The race in the tunnel clearly didn’t satisfy their need for speed.

After exiting the tunnel, the two cars started racing on the open roads again.

The youngsters even initiated a countdown to signal the start of the race, in the interest of being fair.


This time, the night race seemed to have spilled onto the conventional roads, as seen by the traffic lights on the road.


Towards the end, Ralph’s car was seen lagging behind significantly.


As a final taunt, the lady with the camera commented, “I guess we all know the winner now huh?” and included the caption,

Pretty cute Ralphy.

Do not speed

Thankfully, the youngsters in this instance seem to have gotten home safe.

That said, racing at such high speeds can easily turn fatal with the slightest change in circumstances, so please don’t attempt to pull the same stunt on our roads.

MS News has reached out to the Traffic Police for comments on the incident.

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