NTUC FairPrice Limits Instant Noodles, Rice & Toilet Roll Purchases Despite Ample Available Supplies

NTUC FairPrice Allows Purchase Of Only 4 Packs Of Toilet Rolls & Noodles, As Well As 2 Bags Of Rice

For Singaporeans, supermarket raiding has reached its limit.

In the interest of making sure more customers can still purchase their necessities, NTUC FairPrice has imposed purchase limits.

Truly, a necessary move to ensure that kiasi-ism doesn’t harm the majority of Singaporeans.

Now, you can only buy 4 packs of toilet rolls, 4 instant noodle packs, and 2 bags of rice per purchase.

Vegetables will also be limited to a total of $50 per customer.

Limits imposed at all NTUC FairPrice outlets on 9 Feb

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), notices warning customers of the new limits can be seen at NTUC FairPrice outlets across the island on Sunday (9 Feb).


This will presumably ensure that shoppers stop their irrational zombie apocalypse-esque hoarding and allow everyone to go about their day normally.

Plenty of supplies available at warehouses

Stockpiling makes no sense at the moment.

However, the new limits doesn’t mean that supplies are dwindling, either, as there’s plenty at FairPrice warehouses.


Facebook user Monica who was at NTUC FairPrice’s distribution centre as part of a media visit yesterday (8 Feb) shared photos of large piles of necessities still available.


There’s probably enough rice to feed everyone for the next few weeks or even months, in this stock alone. Imports haven’t stopped, so we doubt there’s much to worry about.

But if buyers continue to hoard goods, warehouses will have to replenish supplies way more often.


According to FairPrice CEO Seah Kian Peng, supply runs have increased twice as much as normal.

Buy only what you need at NTUC FairPrice

We shouldn’t have to impose purchase limits, but hoarders will be hoarders.

The civic thing to do should be to leave enough so that others can buy them. After all, these are legit necessities that every household needs.

But what’s done is done, and since we can’t simply tell people how to spend their money, the alternative is to limit purchases to just a little above normal levels.

Let’s be real: there are plenty of supplies, and the pictures prove it – we only need to buy what we need.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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