NUS Café Gives Free Coffee In Return For Lost Coaster Pagers; Netizens Swiftly Identify Loopholes

NUS Café Lost 2 “Expensive” Coaster Pagers In 1 Week

Coaster pagers, with their rising popularity in recent years, have saved us many hours of standing in queues at hawker centres.

Oh, and in case you aren’t sure what coaster pagers are, these are what we are referring to.


That UFO looking thingy that vibrates when your food is ready? Yup, that one.

Given their miniature size, these portable devices can easily be misplaced.

While most food establishments may simply ‘suck it up’, The Spread, a café in the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus decided to reward anyone who finds their lost coasters.

A picture of their notice was shared on the Singapore subreddit.


Free drink if you find missing coasters

According to the notice, 2 “expensive” coaster pagers went missing within the span of a few days.

One of the coasters was allegedly found in another atrium in the same buildin while the other remains missing.

As a result of these misplaced coasters, the cafe’s management has now banned these coasters from being brought out of the café. Anyone caught doing so will have their orders forfeited.

Conversely, anyone who finds a lost coaster or alerts the café to someone taking one of them out of their premises will be rewarded with a complimentary cup of coffee.

Sounds like quite a good deal if you ask us.

Netizens find loopholes in the system

The Reddit thread which the notice was shared on received a handful of responses.

This Redditor was simply puzzled over why anyone would steal a coaster pager.


Another joked that the school ought to dish out a conditional warning for those responsible.


Finally, one Redditor pointed out there was a loophole in this ‘reward system’ that customers can take advantage of.


Hope the café will locate the lost coasters

In all seriousness, we hope that the café manages to locate all their lost coasters.

Coaster pagers have brought us much convenience and the least we can do as beneficiaries are to return it to the café and hawkers after use.

Featured image from Reddit and Signalgyrd

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