Obama Urges Public To Save Masks For Healthcare Workers, Use Common Sense To Ward Off Covid-19

Former US leader Barack Obama Advises The Public To Stay Calm, Listen To The Authorities

As the United States grapples with an emerging and fast-developing Covid-19 outbreak, a calming voice from a respected former leader may just be what it needs to soothe the nerves of some.

Leave it to much-admired former US president Barack Obama to be a voice of reason amid the chaos.

He has urged the public to remain calm in light of the global Covid-19 outbreak.


Use common-sense precautions for protection

Earlier on Thursday (5 Mar), the self-professed “Dad, husband, President and citizen” (as described on his personal Twitter account) tweeted to his followers, advising them to use “common-sense precautions” to protect themselves.

Mr Obama described these precautions as: Washing hands, staying home when sick, and listening to the local health authorities.

Readers were also urged to “stay calm, listen to the experts, and follow the science”.

Save masks for healthcare workers

Notably, the former leader of the free world, who was last in Singapore in Dec last year, also suggested in his tweet that face masks should be saved for healthcare workers.

As it happens, global demand for face masks is at an all-time high due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Supply is so scarce that there have been reports of masks being sold at exorbitant prices, sub-standard masks being sold, or masks being recycled.

Face masks have become a hot commodity worldwide.

With healthcare workers doing critical work on the frontline to ensure that the infected recover, perhaps Mr Obama has a point in saying that masks should be reserved for them.

It hasn’t escaped our attention that our Government leaders in Singapore have been echoing a similar message for awhile, i.e. wear masks only when you’re sick.

11 dead in the US so far, 160 infected

According to CBS News, the death toll in the US from Covid-19 currently stands at 11, with cases confirmed in 17 states so far. At least 160 people had been infected by Wednesday (4 Mar).

Hopefully, with these wise words, the country manages to contain the spread and prevent further panic.

Featured image adapted from Occidental College.

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