Man buys 4 cartons of 100PLUS to treat workers cleaning oil spill

Man treats oil spill workers to 100PLUS in one-man operation

Efforts are continuing across Singapore shorelines to clean up an oil spill that occurred on 14 June.

They involve many workers engaged in the exhausting work of bagging and transferring contaminated sand for waste collection.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

A man has decided to show his appreciation to them by treating them to some much-needed refreshment: cans of cold 100PLUS.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

Good deed was undertaken in 1.5 hours

Speaking to MS News, the individual with the moniker “Somethingforsomeone” said the good deed took about 1.5 hours and was a one-man operation.

The 24-year-old self-employed man, who runs TikTok profile @something4rsomeone, posted a video of the process that he undertook upon a netizen’s suggestion.

It showed him buying a styrofoam box and heading to his nearest FairPrice supermarket.

Man buys 96 cans of 100PLUS for oil spill workers

At FairPrice, he purchased four cartons of 100PLUS.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

As one carton had 24 cans, he bought a total of 96 cans of the drink.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

He also bought four packs of ice so the drinks would stay cold.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

He then got two bottles of mineral water “to even out the coolness of the drinks”.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

The total bill came up to S$80, he said. However, his “effort is priceless”, he joked.

After getting the items, he transferred the cans into the styrofoam box after putting the ice in first.

This was the “harder part”, he said, as he was sweating and moving as fast as he could.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

Not all the cans could fit in the box — he had to buy some plastic bags to carry the remaining cans.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

He could only use one box that was all that he could fit onto his bike, he added.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

Man gives 100PLUS to oil spill workers

Finally, he headed to the beach and placed the drinks on a bench.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

He informed the workers that the drinks were for them, which they gratefully accepted.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

The next video he will post is of the workers resting after their work, he said.

He gives a shout-out to workers cleaning shore

In the video, he admitted that doing something like this on a big scale is “actually quite tough”, especially as he was doing it after working hours.

However, what he did was actually “nothing compared to” what the workers and volunteers have done — tirelessly working around the clock to clean the shore, he said.

Source: @something4rsomeone on TikTok

As he didn’t have time to volunteer, this was the best that he could do, he added.

While he’s currently away, he pledged to get “something done” if the workers are still there next Monday.

He loves making others happy

Asked what inspired him to do this, he said, “people’s smiles”, adding:

I love making others happy. When they are happy, I am happy.

But he also stressed that it’s not just him who’s behind it, but the many people who’d reached out to him even before he posted the video.

He thanked them for their trust and support, saying:

They are the real ones to thank.

He advocates for community spirit

While the giving out of 100PLUS to oil spill workers was a one-man operation, it seems he is hoping for more to join him.

“Somethingforsomeone”, he said, was not a person, but a “movement”.

More than once in his video, he referred to a “community”, saying:

Togetherness in overcoming obstacles or challenges helps us become closer as a community. Regardless of race, language or religion we want the best for one another.

Thus, he called for people to get out there and “do something for someone”.

Besides the oil spill workers, other videos on his TikTok profile show him giving out snacks and drinks to people across Singapore.

Those who want to help him build a community can message him over TikTok or join his Telegram group, he said.

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