Dark Grey Rain Clouds Fill Singapore Skies On 2 Nov

If you thought the flash floods this evening were scary, you haven’t seen the worst of Monday’s (2 Nov) thunderstorm yet. People in central Singapore who looked up at the sky would’ve spotted eerie rain clouds hovering overhead.

Looking very much like heavy, dark grey brushstrokes, the clouds appeared almost too ominous to be true.

Huge rain clouds hover over Central Singapore

While most parts of Singapore experienced heavy rain this evening (2 Nov), certain areas witnessed much darker skies than most.

People within the vicinity of the Central Business District (CBD) in particular may have seen an almost bleak darkness enveloping the area.

And it looks as though some massive clouds in the sky may be the reason behind that.

Facebook users who were on site shared footage of what they saw, which looked very much like scenes from dystopian movies like “2012”.

If we didn’t tell you that those are clouds, you would’ve most likely thought that a humongous wave was about to engulf the whole of Singapore.

Non-swimmers can breathe easy though, as those are harmless clouds, carrying the heavy rain that befell us earlier today.

No signs of panic among members of the public

Another photo from the poolside atop Marina Bay Sands (MBS) shows people chilling in the water, despite noticing the clouds ahead.


Seems like 2020 has been a wild enough ride for everyone that a massive grey cloud doesn’t faze them anymore.

Even Mother Nature can’t get in the way of a much-needed staycay. We hope that they at least cleared the area if the hotel had sounded the lightning alert.

Expect more storms in first 2 weeks of Nov

While the National Environment Agency (NEA) has predicted warmer weather in the first 2 weeks of Nov, they warn about heavy storms too.

So even if you’ve planned a lovely day out with the fam, make sure to have a wet weather plan ready just in case.

Like much of 2020, the weather seems to be blowing hot and cold. Perhaps the following video is something we can all relate to:

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.