Netizens Say Chinatown Point Statue Looks Like A Rat, Mall Clarifies That It’s An Otter

Netizens Confuse Chinatown Point Otter Statue For Rat, Turns Out Its An Otter

Every year, Chinatown is adorned with colourful decorations leading up to Chinse New Year (CNY).

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One decoration this year, however, has caused some confusion among Singaporeans. With rat-like facial features and a pair of horns on its head, some netizens couldn’t help but wonder if this was rat pretending to be a cow.

Turns out, the statue was neither rat nor ox, but an otter.

New CNY statue causes confusion

In a Facebook post, The Online Citizen Asia shared an image of a new ‘animal’ that has recently made an appearance at Chinatown Point.

Otter statueSource

However, it seems netizens are a little confused over its species. One Facebook user thinks it may be a rat disguised as an ox.


Another netizen thinks Chinatown Point could have forgotten to cover up the statue’s whiskers while repurposing them.


It’s actually an otter statue

In a turn of events, Chinatown Point revealed that the animal in question is neither a rat nor ox, but an otter.

According to our colleagues at TheSmartLocal, Singapore’s well-loved semi-aquatic animals are taking centre stage at the mall this Lunar New Year.


Chinatown Point reportedly wanted to inject some local flair into their CNY celebrations as they are one of Singapore’s favourite animal residents.

otter plushies

It’s also part of a #supportlocal initiative in which Singaporean artists design otter characters for angbaos and carrier bags.

Carrier bagSource

Of course, it’s still the Year of the Ox, which is why the otter statue dons a pair of horns.

Singaporeans love otters

Otters are undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most well-loved creatures, with or without horns.

Nonetheless, we’re glad Chinatown Point clarified the confusion about the statue’s species, putting an end to netizens’ debate.

What animal did the statue remind you of? Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured image adapted from TheSmartLocal

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