Otters & Stray Dogs Face Off At Yew Tee Canal, They Take Turns Scaring Each Other

Otters & Stray Dogs Take Turns Scaring Each Other At Yew Tee Canal

Otters have made a name for themselves in our island nation, and the sea mammals can often be seen lepaking around the Marina Bay area or up to some mischief.

On Sunday (29 Nov), a family of the aquatic mammals had a “turf battle” against a pack of stray dogs at Pang Sua Canal, Yew Tee.

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The face off was won by the otters in the end, perhaps establishing themselves as the apex predator of Pang Sua for now.

Otters face off against stray dogs

In a Facebook video shared by a Yew Tee resident, 6 otters could be seen charging towards a pack of stray dogs.

otters face off stray dogsSource

However, the canines seemed undaunted by the otters’ march and sprinted towards them.

Despite their numbers advantage, the otters paused for a moment before turning tail. Perhaps they were intimidated by the dauntless charge.

Otters face off stray dogsSource

But after a few moments of retreat, they seemingly realised they had 6 members in their tight-knit family compared to the dogs, in a loose pack of 3.

With this, they turned back and charged once more, scattering the dogs, before diving into the relative safety of the canal.

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While most of the otters decided to continue with their dip in the canal, the dogs decided to hang around.

One otter took notice of this and continued to give chase, inspiring the others to continue defending their “turf”.

Otters chase dogsSource

A few otters continued to pursue the strays, but luckily, no physical altercation took place — we may have had to call the otter police if so.

Otters face offSource

Dominion established.

Otters are newcomers to canal

While it may seem like the river mammals were defending their home, it turns out that they may have been on the offensive the whole time.

A Yew Tee resident shared that the dogs are ‘locals’ and have been roaming and ‘fishing’ at the canal.


However, this abundance of fish may have attracted the otters, who arrived about a month ago.

Singapore is small, and perhaps their arrival may have inadvertently started a turf war.

Plenty of fish to go around

We feel that there is enough fish to around for the otters and doggos so let’s hope that they will make up and share.

However, we now know that these lovable fluff balls can stand their ground when faced with a threat.

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