Temasek Foundation Oximeters Being Resold On Carousell, Prices Go Up To $50

Free Temasek Foundation Oximeters Resold On Carousell Shortly After Collection Started

UPDATE (6 Jul): Temasek Foundation says the oximeters are not for sale. They strongly discourage the public from puchasing any of the oximeters collected through this distribution.

In the midst of our ongoing fight against Covid-19, Temasek Foundation has generously offered Singapore households free oximeters.

Collection of the oximeters began at supermarkets and pharmacies yesterday (5 Jul).

However, on the day itself, some residents started reselling the oximeter, with numerous listings popping up on Carousell.


The oximeters were generally priced around $22-$30, but some went for as much as $50.

Temasek Foundation oximeters resold on Carousell

Since Monday (5 Jul) evening, listings of the Temasek Foundation oximeters started surfacing on Carousell.


This came just hours after the collection of the free oximeter commenced.

Based on our cursory search, the oximeters were mostly being resold for between $22 and $30.

oximeters resold carousellSource

Most sellers also appeared to not have used the oximeters, listing them as ‘like new’ or ‘brand new’ with the sealed packaging still intact.

Priced as high as $50

The highest-priced listing for the Temasek Foundation oximeter was at a staggering $50.

oximeters resold carousellSource

It was, however, described as being ‘well used’.

The listing has since been taken down.

At the time of writing, around 12 other listings of the Temasek Foundation oximeter remain on Carousell, with more still being added.

Oximeter helps track blood oxygen levels

Temasek Foundation is providing Singapore residents with oximeters to help everyone stay safe during the pandemic.

See, low blood oxygen levels are an indication of ‘silent pneumonia’, a serious consequence of Covid-19.

oximeters resold carousellSource

Equipped with the oximeter, residents can now monitor their blood oxygen levels regularly.

The foundation also stressed that there are plenty of stocks available for collection over the 1-month period from 5 Jul to 5 Aug.

They also encouraged residents to only collect what they require so everyone can get hold of a free oximeter.

MS News has reached out to Temasek Foundation about the Carousell listings and will update this article accordingly when they get back.

Collection runs until 5 Aug

All Singapore households can redeem an oximeter for free, so there’s absolutely no need to pay for them on Carousell.

If you’ve yet to collect yours, there is no need to rush as the collection runs until 5 Aug.

That said, do remember to bring along the Temasek Foundation leaflet sent via mail when you go down to supermarkets or pharmacies for collection.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Carousell.

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