Kit Kat Frappé Now Sold In Taiwan Has A Chocolate Shell You Can Melt...

Have a break, have a Kit Kat frappé!

NUS Café Gives Free Coffee In Return For Lost Coaster Pagers; Netizens Swiftly Identify...

We are still puzzled over why anyone would steal them.

Clementi Warehouse Sells Flavoured Keropok At $3 Per 200g Packet

The flavours include wasabi, BBQ, honey mustard and more.

OneZo’s Poké Ball Bobas In Malaysia Lets You Slurp Em’ All

Limited to 300 cups per day.

White Rabbit Candy Reportedly Not Halal In Brunei; Authorities Advise Removal From M’sian Markets

Not cool if you get caught under their Sharia law.