‘Palm Payment’ Technology Now Used At Beijing Subway Stations, Commuters Scan Their Hands To Pay

Beijing Subway Stations Introduce ‘Palm Payment’ Technology For Travel Fares

With the development of new technology creating conveniences like cashless payment, many of us have gotten used to heading out without our wallets.

In a foreseeable future, things may take a step up as we may be able to make payment at just the stretch of our hands.

In fact, such technology has recently been implemented at a few subway stations in Beijing, China.

Through biometric collection, Chinese residents can use their palms to pay their fares at subway stations along the Daxing Airport Express line.

‘Palm payment’ now available at some Beijing subway stations

According to Sohu, commuters along the Daxing Airport Express Line can now choose between three different payment methods.

On top of the contactless card payment and payment via the Alipay or WeChat QR Codes, commuters can now pay using their palms via circular scanners at gantries.

Source: Sohu

The payment technology is available to all consenting Chinese residents above the age of 14.

Commuters will simply have to register their palm scans, and link their real-name verified WeChat payment accounts to the scans at a designated machine at a metro station in order to start using the payment method, notes South China Morning Post (SCMP).

They will then receive a notification to make payment for their ride after leaving the station.

Source: Sohu

Sohu reported that contact is not necessary, and passengers simply have to hover their palm above the scanner to pay.

It has thus been hailed as a safer and more hygienic means of payment.

It is, however, apparently quite tricky for users to find the right position to place their hands.

The system will thus offer verbal guiding prompts to help commuters position their palms at a suitable distance.

Source: Sohu

Despite its advances, this feature could serve the elderly, who may not be proficient with smartphone usage.

Those whose phones often run low on battery would also find this feature a rather convenient solution to their payment woes.

Commuters raise concerns over security of technology

Palm scanning is a form of biometric technology, much like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition.

China Daily reported that palm scanning taps on palm print and vein mapping. These features are unique to each individual.

Source: Sohu

Unsurprisingly, however, the introduction of such a lesser-known biometric technology has given rise to concerns over the security of collecting such data.

According to SCMP, such concerns are especially prevalent as citizens are rather privacy-conscious due to previous biometric data theft incidents.

What do you think of using biometric technology for payment? Would you use it if it was available locally? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Sohu.

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