Palomo’s Ass Air Trousers Retails For S$650

You may be familiar with the mad rush for the toilet after consuming spicy meals like McSpicy and mala hotpot.

If you always find yourself in this situation, here’s something that will help the next time Mother Nature calls.

Palomo, a high fashion brand from Spain has invented a pair of trousers that has a “openable” back opening giving you swift and easy access to your rear.


Ass Air Trousers

Aptly named Ass Air Trousers, these cotton-made pants have an “openable” flap on the back. You no longer have to remove your entire pair of trousers when you visit the loo.


They look like conventional pants from the front, so you don’t have to worry about getting stares while strutting down Orchard Road.


Buttons snap on and off

Unlike stud buttons on denim that are cumbersome to work with, the back opening of these trousers are lined with gold-tone snap buttons.

These buttons also appear to snap on and off with extreme ease.


Here’s a close-up of the buttons in question.

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Unisex pants

The Ass Air Trousers are unisex, so if your spouse is complaining that you’re spending too much, tell her that you intend to share — that’s if the both of you have the same waist size.

These innovative pants come in two colours – Dark Green, and Maroon Bordeaux – both with pinstripe designs.

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Pretty ass-pensive

Like most apparel from high fashion houses, these trousers don’t come cheap. A pair of Ass Air Trousers from Palomo’s official online store will set you back S$650 (€420).


That’s not even including shipping to Singapore, which costs S$77 (€50).


Thankfully, Palomo is currently having a Christmas promotion on their online store that allows you to enjoy a generous 25% discount storewide. These pants will still set you back a hefty S$565 (€365 ) after the discount.


Let your pants hang loo-se

While there’s no doubt over their functionality, Palomo Ass Air Pants are rather avant-garde to say the least. So it goes without saying that they are not for everyone.

That said, if you have friends who are constantly rushing to the loo for a detox session, tag them in the comments below.

Who knows, you may see them wearing a pair of Ass Air Pants for your next outing.

Featured image from Palomo and Palomo.