This Pearl Boba Tea Mini Fridge Keeps Drinks Cool & Your BBT Obsession Alive

Pearl Boba Tea Mini Fridge Is The Home Accessory Every BBT Lover Needs

As much as we criticise bubble tea (BBT) lovers for their sugar intake, most of us can’t help but agree that even an occasional sip is delicious.

For fans, refraining from drinking BBT regularly is tough. But maybe this pearl boba tea mini fridge can change that.


You’d be so busy squealing at how cute the smiley boba fridge is, you might not even think of buying a real one. Plus it makes for good storage for healthier drinks, so you can enjoy them on a hot day.

Pearl boba tea mini fridge looks just like a cup of BBT

Though the shape looks more like a drink carton than a BBT cup, all other elements of our favourite drink is there.

From the QQ pearls on the door to the little straw poking out the top, this is BBT in its sweetest form. Just look at that endearingly smol smile.


There’s even a useful handle on top for when you want to lug the fridge around in case your siblings try to steal your drinks.

The peachy pastel colour looks just like milk tea, but more importantly will fit with any room aesthetic very easily.

10-litre capacity with easy mobility

Since it’s a mini fridge, it has a capacity of 10 litres, which is the equivalent of up to 12 drink cans. Removable shelves mean you can customise the interior to fit items of different sizes.


Looks like the perfect accessory for your workspace, right? You can simply carry it to your office as it weighs 6.7 lbs or roughly 3 kg. But if you can’t bear to part with the fridge, just leave it in the car and plug it in there, for picnics or road trips.

Those who need a small cooler to keep your beauty products in pristine condition may want to consider this fridge too. Full specs are available on Smoko Inc.’s website here.

Limited edition fridge available for pre-order

Of course, this unique design won’t be around for long. We’re guessing there’ll only be a limited number, so hurry and get your hands on one.

The pearl boba tea mini fridge is available for pre-order on Smoko Inc. now, at US$99 or roughly S$138 excluding shipping.

BBT fans worldwide will likely be snapping it up quickly, so get your credit cards ready for checkout on Smoko Inc. soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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