Little quirks you never thought you needed

You still remember that very day when you had to move out of your comfy nest which you call home to gain new experiences, and see how you can survive without your parents’ backing.

Most youths will have a taste of independence when they move to halls before their university curriculum officially starts.

Here are the 10 things people living in hall can relate to:

1. Impromptu suppers


This is the number one thing that will come knocking on your door, literally.

Your new friendships forged over orientation camp will only grow stronger through midnight suppers!

Well, here’s a piece of advice: watch your diet!

2. Friends with cars are the best kind of friends ever


Life is so much better when you don’t have to walk from one building to another under the scorching hot sun (have you seen the hills at NTU?).

Moreover, your friends with cars will be able to drive the whole group out after a long day of studying to unwind — a karaoke session perhaps?

3. Wireless Router is a must-have


Unless you want to burst your mobile data, this should be at the top of your list when you pack your bags.

It also saves you the hassle of connecting the Ethernet Cable to your laptop every single time you wish to surf the net.

4. Invest in some good ear plugs


The rent you pay is not enough for soundproof walls. On some nights, inconsiderate neighbours partying could ruin a night of peace especially if you are trying to get some sleep.

This is when your ear plugs come in handy.

5. Always have some charcoal on standby


Nope, you are not allowed to hold a barbecue party in your room but you do need charcoal for other reasons.

After a weekend back home, you wouldn’t want to return to your hall room the following week only to be greeted with an unpleasant stench.

Charcoal is an all natural substance that can be used to get rid of moisture-related odors as it removes moisture in the surrounding air.

You could get these charcoal for as cheap as $2 at Daiso!

6. Baby wipes are life savers


Some rooms do not have a built-in toilet and if you have one, good for you!

It gets incredibly annoying when you are eating a bag of Cheezels and your fingers turn an ugly shade of orange. The toilet is not too far away but it is still a hassle to keep walking over to the toilet to wash your hands every time you snack.

Baby wipes are not only cheaper than wet tissue (from the dollar store) but also allows you to easily clean your fingers or any mess you make while eating in the room!

7. Occasional drinking sessions


On some nights, your friends might come up to your room with a bottle of Whisky in one hand and a deck of poker cards in another.

It is one of the most sociable activities to do in hall as you get to know your peers better all in the name of fun.

Drinking is legal but of course, everyone should be mindful of their behavior.

8. Hall activities


To stay in hall, it is essential to join hall activities because it plays a huge part in your overall hall life.

Hall activities include sports like hockey and cheerleading or even clubs like carrom or Scrabble.

In some halls like in NUS, they do provide modules you could take that will be added to your overall grade if joining sports or clubs aren’t really your thing.

9. Mini refrigerator (to store your late night snacks)


This might be a little costly but it is a good investment. Even if you decide not to stay in hall for the next semester, you could always sell it off as secondhand!

Having a refrigerator is part of our daily life; where else could we have access to ice water or a place to store fruits and chocolates?

10. The importance of personalising your room

Inspiration Wall

Living alone might sometimes cause you to be homesick and it is important to make the place where you are living most of the time feel like a part of home.

Personalise your study area — make sure your study area is filled with books, stationery or anything that would motivate you to strive for that ideal GPA.

Bring along something sentimental from home as well like say, a stuff animal or a poster of your favourite band.

Make sure you look forward to coming back to this little nook of yours after a long day of school!


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