Male visitors claim women solicit openly at People’s Park Centre, offer sexual massages

People’s Park Centre allegedly has massage parlours offering sexual services

According to Shin Min Daily News, there are several parlours in People’s Park Centre offering sexual massages.

The report noted that there were no less than 20 such parlours on the third floor of the Chinatown mall, with many women soliciting massages.

One even allegedly told a prospective customer not to worry as there was a raid the previous day and they wouldn’t come back.

Women solicit customers at People’s Park Centre

A Shin Min Daily News report on Saturday (24 Feb) claimed that People’s Park Centre had a massage parlour on the third floor with girls offering sexual massages.

Ms Zhang, a 55-year-old salesperson, told Shin Min Daily News that she would see girls clad in sexy lingerie openly soliciting customers both outside and inside the parlour.

A video provided by her captured a woman dressed in red appearing to talk to a man with a head full of grey hair.

In another picture, the woman seemed to be behaving flirtatiously while talking to a customer, even adjusting her undergarments in front of him.

According to the report, there are no fewer than 20 such massage parlours on the third floor.

Man was allegedly offered sexual massages

One customer, Mr Yu, told Shin Min Daily News that one massage parlour on the third floor offers sexual massages.

The 32-year-old said that he was looking for a normal massage.

However, the moment he entered the parlour, a woman pulled him to the back of the store, closed the curtains, switched off the lights, and locked the door.

“The masseuse repeatedly touched sensitive areas and asked what services I wanted. She even listed the prices out one by one,” Mr Yu said.

The sexual services range between S$50 to S$150.

“I wanted to excuse myself, so I expressed my worry that the authorities would conduct an inspection,” Mr Yu added.

But the woman only sneered and said that the authorities had already done an inspection the day before and that he needn’t worry about them coming that day.

Woman says she doesn’t perform normal massages

When Mr Yu again declined to get a sexual massage, he claimed that the woman’s demeanour became icy and she asked him to put his clothes back on.

“She told me not to waste her time as I did not state my intentions until after I came to the back of the store.”

The masseuse also admitted that normal massages were time-consuming and didn’t earn much, so she didn’t welcome customers looking for them.

A Shin Min Daily News reporter likewise observed that whenever a man entered the parlour, the lights would dim and the women would shut the door.

Two men allegedly serve as lookouts for the masseuses in case of surprise inspections. They were seen bragging about their quick reflexes in alerting the others to run away whenever the authorities came around.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News.

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