Pet Owners In China Wear Masks For Their Furkids, Some Even Have Eye Cutouts To Let Them See

Pet Owners Get Creative With Face Masks For Pets, Others DIY Full Protective Suits For Furballs

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, demand for face masks has spiked tremendously.

Yet apparently, humans aren’t the only ones who require face masks during these difficult times.

Some pet owners are taking no chances and has chosen to put on face masks for their pets when taking them out of the house.


While the adorable pictures that emerged on the internet sparked ooos and awws from some netizens, many also criticise the act as a waste of resources.

A perfect fit for the furry ones

Non-cat owners might be curious as to how a face masks might fit a feline’s face. Well, this photo has all the answers.


According to Chinese media site Tengxun, a netizen snapped a picture of this cat while grocery shopping at a wet market speculated to be in China.

The owner even cut out eye holes in the face mask to so the cat’s vision wouldn’t be obstructed.


Peering out of the blue surgical masks with it’s cute, piercing eyes, this little one sure knows how to show off the new addition to her outfit.

Dogs are also donning protective masks and gear

This phenomenon isn’t just exclusive to cats. In fact, dogs are apparently also wearing face masks to guard against Covid-19.


Some owners are taking it to the next level, wrapping their dogs with what looks like plastic and tape.


Evidently, worried pet owners are innovating to keep their pets safe from the virus.

Special pet face masks actually exist

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is no evidence to suggest that pets such as dogs and cats can be infected by the virus.


However, more people in China have resorted to getting pet face masks – designed to filter out air pollutants and smog – for their ‘lil companions.


They hope that they would also be functional in protecting them from the spreading Covid-19 virus.


While these pictures are certainly endearing, many cannot help but wonder whether it is a waste of resources to put on masks for pets.

This is understandable considering that there is reportedly a global shortage of face masks right now.

What we can do is take better care of ourselves

When even our pets are taking good care of themselves, we have no excuse not to.

Do wear a mask if you are feeling under the weather and wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

Do you have any whacky face masks ideas for pets? Share them in the comments section below!

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