Rainbows Seen Across S’pore After Heavy Rain On 11 Feb Is The Light We Need During Covid-19 Outbreak

Rainbows Appeared All Over Singapore After A Storm, Sending Us Hope Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Singapore ventured into a ‘storm’ last month when we had the first case of Covid-19 on our shores.

While the situation might seem bleak with prevalent supermarket frenzies and a rising number of cases, a glimmer of hope shone upon us on Tuesday (11 Feb).

Singaporeans spotted rainbows across the island in the evening after an intense bout of torrential rain in the afternoon.


Symbolic of an eventual end to the predicament we are in, it reinstills a sense of hope for all Singaporeans even if we are caught in a raging storm.

Rainbow above the Tan Tock Seng Hospital

One Singaporean peered out of a window on the 11th floor of Novena Medical Centre and manage to catch this beautiful rainbow on camera, possibly the most poetic of them all.


Against the grey of the skies, reminiscent of the earlier storm, the rainbow stands proud above Tan Tock Seng Hospital, located across the road.

Within the facility, hospital staff are battling Covid-19 in the National Centre of Infectious Disease (NCID), housing all infected patients.


The rainbow watches over them as they toil day and night to contain the virus.

It serves as a reminder of the light at the end of the dark tunnel that they are forging towards.

Rare sighting of double rainbows

As if conventional rainbows aren’t rare enough, some even spotted double rainbows.


Netizens that were lucky enough to encounter double rainbows generously shared them on social media platforms like Reddit.


Alongside the pictures were words of encouragement for fellow Singaporeans.


Weathering the storm together

The dark clouds and grey skies representative of the spreading Covid-19 might not have passed over yet.

However, a rainbow plasters across the sky, encouraging us to hang on even when the going gets rough.


As Singaporeans share images of the rainbows and pens messages of love and hope for each other, we are assured that we can definitely weather through this metaphorical storm together.

Featured image adapted from Reddit and Reddit.  

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