S’pore Man Finds Pigeon Nesting In House Plant, Teaches Birb To Poop Properly

Resident Tells Pigeon Not To Poop In Plant & It Seems To Understand

While birds constantly coo outside our windows, these shy creatures typically keep a distance from humans.

But for a lucky resident surnamed Wong, a gorgeous pigeon voluntarily turned up at his home and nested in his house plant.

Although the plant was riddled with poo at first, he managed to successfully teach the pigeon not to poop all over the pot.


Having settled in for 2 weeks now, the pigeon’s hatchlings are expected to arrive in another 2 weeks’ time.

Pigeon nests in resident’s money plant

According to the Facebook post on Saturday (19 Jun), a pigeon landed in his money plant at home 2 weeks ago.

Since then, the birb had made a nest in the plant and refused to move, making it difficult for Mr Wong to water the plant.


The resident had to resort to soaking the vines in water to keep the plant alive.

Pigeon likely a stay-at-home dad

Due to the pigeon’s nesting behaviour, Mr Wong initially thought it was female. However, a closer look by netizens revealed otherwise.

Apparently, the curious creature is likely a pink-necked green pigeon commonly found in Southeast Asia.

While a male has purplish-pink feathers around its neck, the same feature are absent in a female.

Image by Tan TS on Flickr

As such, as some netizens quipped, the pigeon at Mr Wong’s house incubating hatchlings is probably a ‘stay-at-home dad‘.


Resident teaches pigeon to poop properly

Recounting a rather amusing episode, Mr Wong seems to have toilet-trained his house guest.

When the pigeon first settled in his new nest, he apparently “went” generously around the pot.

So one day, when Mr Wong was cleaning up the bird poo stains with a wet tissue, he “showed” the dirty tissue to the bird.

Then, he told his house guest not to poop all over the pot.

Miraculously, the birb seemed to heed his advice and Mr Wong stopped finding bird litter afterwards.


Delighted, both the host and the house guest are now awaiting the hatchlings’ arrival in 2 weeks.

Lovely co-existence of human & nature

Kudos to Mr Wong for sheltering the pigeon and his future family from the weather elements, and providing them with a home.

We hope they will continue to accompany each other in more days to come.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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