HDB Resident Shelters Dove Family From Rain, Looks After Them For Almost 1 Month

Woman Uses Umbrella To Shelter Dove Family At Her HDB Corridor Garden

While many of us have the comfort of being at home and curling up in a blanket in this sweater weather, animals can be defenseless against the pouring rain.

This poor dove here, for example, is soaking wet despite sheltered under a plant. As the rain drips and splashes, she must feel really cold.


But luckily for this birb, the owner of this plant wasn’t going to sit by and let her shiver.

A kind HDB resident noticed the momma dove’s struggles in the pouring rain and decided to use an umbrella to shelter them from the rain.


Thanks to her kindness, the eggs could hatch safely. She now has a little dove family residing in her corridor garden.

HDB resident looks after expecting dove & then her babies

The HDB resident first shared her encounter with the momma dove in a Facebook post on 21 Dec 2020, saying she chanced upon a “special guest” who laid 2 eggs in her corridor garden.


This pleasantly surprising incident soon led to 2 fluffy squabs hatched from the eggs.


Shelter the dove family from pouring rain

However, as we’ve experienced the wettest January in 30 years, Ling’s corridor garden was constantly under attack from raging storms.

The cold and wet was no place to raise newborn squabs, who were already vulnerable as they come.

Therefore, Ling decided to build them a shelter. Using an umbrella, she literally placed a roof over their heads to keep the dove fam warm.


With this big blue umbrella as a proper shelter, mummy dove can now raise her 2 babies in a warm and cosy environment.


The HDB resident related in another post on 12 Jan,

I can’t bear to see them soak with rainwater during cold weather.

Brings warmth to our hearts in cold weather

Looking at how mummy dove can now feed her 2 babies in peace brings smile to our face. The lovely spotted creatures deserve to be happy and safe from the storm.

We hope Ling knows how her small gesture of kindness can mean the world to these doves helpless against the cold and rain.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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