Pigeon Suspected Of Being Chinese Spy By Police In India, Detained For 8 Months

Pigeon Released By Police In India After Being Cleared Of Being A Chinese Spy

A pigeon was suspected by the Indian police of being a Chinese spy, and detained for as long as eight months.

The bird was finally released after an animal welfare group reached out to the police.

Source: PETA India

It had aroused suspicion due to an illegible “message” on its wings.

Pigeon found with ‘message’ on wings

The detention of the pigeon in India was revealed in a statement by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India on Thursday (1 Feb).

It started in May 2023, when the police in Mumbai found a bird that had what was thought to carry a “message” on its wings.

Though the “words” were illegible, they seemed to be in a “Chinese-like script”, reported The Times Of India (TOI).

Source: PETA India

It also had two rings tied to its leg, which made it more suspicious.

Pigeon suspected of being a spy sent to India hospital

The pigeon was sent to the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals (BSDPHA) to be medically examined as part of police investigations.

It ended up staying there for an “astonishing” eight months, PETA India said.

Recently, the hospital asked the police whether they could release the bird, which was healthy and taking up a cage for no good reason.

However, no appropriate response was received.

PETA India reaches out to police

PETA India thus reached out to the police, requesting them to allow BSDPHA to release the pigeon.

The organisation said that a 2011 court judgement stated that birds have a “fundamental right to live free in the open sky” and should not be caged.

Another court order in 2015 also disallowed the caging of birds for business or other purposes.

Pigeon released after spy charge dropped by police in India

Initially, the pigeon was charged with spying.

However, investigations revealed that the bird had taken part in racing events in Taiwan and accidentally flown to India, according to TOI.

The charge was dropped and the police eventually granted the bird’s release.

It was subsequently released on the hospital premises on Wednesday (31 Jan).

Source: @petaindia on Instagram

In an Instagram post, PETA India thanked the BSDPHA for taking care of the bird and the police for allowing it to be released.

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Featured image adapted from PETA India.

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