Taiwan Bakery Has Pikachu & Poké Ball Cakes With Choco Filling, We Wanna Eat ‘Em All Too

Amandier Taiwan Has Pikachu & Poké Ball Cakes You’ll Want To Lure Into Your Mouth

Pokémon merchandise like Pichu charger and buff Charmander are relatively common, but it’s not every day that we come across something 100% edible that pays tribute to our favourite childhood cartoon.

Amandier, a cafe in Taiwan, has launched Pikachu and Poké Ball cakes that come in three flavours — cream corn, chocolate brownie, and melted cheese.

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Avid Pokémon fan who also love their food can finally get the best of both worlds with this unique treat.

Pikachu & Poké Ball cakes to energise for Poké battles

With the creative snack, fictional Pikachu and Poké balls have finally evolved into an edible treat.

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Recently, Amandier launched Pikachu and Poké Ball-shaped Ningyo-yaki. These are small cakes that come in various shapes and sizes and are also known as ‘baked dolls’.

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Consuming these decadent treats will help you get the energy you need to catch your favourite Pokémon or battle against fatigue in real-life gyms.

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Includes yummy filling

These Pikachu and Poké Ball cakes come in flavours such as creamy corn, chocolate brownie, and melted cheese. Try pulling one of them apart and you’ll be amazed by the fluffy crust and fragrant fillings.


The chocolate brownie version has a generous dose of velvety goodness. Every bite will surely be satisfyingly sweet packed with rich flavours.


Catch ‘em all in Taiwan

These desserts are so adorable that you’ll probably want to catch ‘em all, but you’ll have to go to Taiwan to do so. According to Foody Taiwan, a box of 3 is priced at S$4.75 (NT$ 100).


Hoping we can eat ‘em all too

Poké Ball cakes certainly seem like just what we need to satisfy our cravings.

Though it’s only available in Taiwan for now, we’re hoping it’ll reach our shores eventually.

Know someone who will love these Pikachu and Poké Ball cakes? Tag them in the comments so they can add it to their Taiwan food bucket list.

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