People Seen Drinking Alcohol Past 10.30pm, As 7 Places Caught Breaching Measures On 16 Sep

breaching measures

3 Places Close For 10 Days After Breaching Safe Management Measures

Despite authorities announcing that they’re stepping up checks to see if places are breaching safe management measures, some restaurants still fell short of the standards.

In a press release on Thursday (17 Sep), various agencies found a combined 7 breaches out of 56 F&B places inspected.

Insert disappointed dad face.

Among the breaches were places seating large groups — in 1 case, 12 people were sitting in a private room across 2 tables.


Another 15 places also breached the rules and were fined, while 3 places, including one which served alcohol in teapots, were ordered shut for 10 days.

7 more places found breaching distancing rules

Out of 57 visited places on Wednesday (16 Sep), agencies found 7 places breaching rules.

1 of them saw 12 people seated among 2 tables in a private room.


This scene took place at an F&B outlet in Tanjong Pagar, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

In another F&B outlet in Punggol, there were people drinking alcohol at 10.45pm.


Under the current dining rules, you must not consume or buy/sell alcohol past 10.30pm, and the rule’s as strict as they come.

3 places ordered to shut for 10 days for breaching measures

Remember the legendary restaurant which served alcohol in teapots?


Yeah, the place, Jia Hu Xia Ke, is now shut for 10 days, until 25 Sep.


Those seemingly innocuous teapots were anything but.

Another 2 places – 96 Food Fusion & Bar, and Frog Meat Fish Head – were also ordered shut for 10 days. They’ll only reopen on 26 Sep.

Take Covid-19 seriously outdoors

There’s still a risk of community transmission during these times. A lack of cases in the community now doesn’t indicate that the virus has disappeared.

We have to change some of the ways we socialise in these times.

Authorities are reviewing the breaches from yesterday and will issue the punishments in due time.

Yes, it’s odd to have to finish your drinks before 10.30pm or go out only in groups of less than 5.

But these are the sacrifices we must make for our safety.

Featured image adapted from Ministry of Sustainability & the Environment

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