PM Lee Gives Chinese New Year Message 2021

Over the festive season at the end of last year, many countries globally saw spikes in Covid-19 cases. Singapore doesn’t want something like that happening, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his Chinese New Year message to Singaporeans.

As many families gather for dinners with their loved ones and celebrate CNY with house visits, PM Lee urged us to show our appreciation however we can.


This warmth will help give strength to get through trying times during the pandemic.

That said, PM Lee also strongly encourages everyone to take the vaccine when we’re able to.

PM Lee urges Singaporeans to follow measures

This year, CNY celebrations are more muted in comparison in previous years.

Only up to 8 unique visitors are allowed in any household per day. Furthermore, we should only visit 2 households a day, and relatives at that.

PM Lee cited how many gathered and let their guards down during year-end celebrations in other countries.

This led to a spike in Covid-19 cases, and we should learn from that and avoid it.

Find new ways to celebrate CNY

Instead of gathering in person, PM Lee suggested ways to meet up in alternative ways.

Video calls and teleconferencing became popular when everyone was told to stay at home, and he said that these are ways we can still hold reunions and connect with family members as well as friends.


It’s not going to be the same, and PM Lee knows the restrictions can dampen the festive mood — especially those with large extended families.

However, he stressed the need to keep our loved ones safe with the measures, and when the pandemic is over, we can have “more carefree celebrations”.

Year of the Ox gives hope: PM Lee

Keeping our loved ones safe is also a way of showing love and concern.

And one way of doing that is to get the vaccine when it’s available to us.

PM Lee revealed that 250,000 people have gotten their first dose of the vaccine in Singapore, and within the year, the whole population will hopefully be able to receive it too.

Although vaccination is voluntary, PM Lee strongly encourages everyone to get the vaccine too.

This is so that we can hopefully achieve herd immunity as a population, and protect ourselves as well as our loved ones.

Thanks essential workers

Although most of us will be having a break over CNY, many essential workers continue to work during this period.

PM Lee gave a special shoutout to the following groups, and more:

  • healthcare workers
  • transport staff
  • cleaners
  • migrant workers
  • delivery riders

He also cited Malay, Indian, and Eurasian “friends” who’ll be covering for their colleagues as well.

These groups all deserve our heart-felt thanks.

Celebrate CNY safely

CNY is undoubtedly different this year.

However, we can still care and concern by adhering to safe distancing measures. With a little patience, we can get through this pandemic safely and have more celebrations next time.

PM Lee wishes everyone good health and a very happy CNY.

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Featured image adapted from Jeyakumaran Mayooresan via Unsplash.