PM Lee Pays Tribute To Lee Kuan Yew On What Would Have Been His Father’s 100th Birthday

PM Lee Lists Events That Mark Birthday Of Lee Kuan Yew In Tribute Post

Mr Lee Kuan Yew might no longer be around, but many of us still remember him and what he did for Singapore.

That’s why our politicians have paid tribute to Mr Lee today (16 Sep), on what would have been his 100th birthday.

One of them was Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who noted how he launched Singapore’s nation-building as one of our founding fathers.

PM Lee and Lee Kuan Yew

Source: Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore via Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook

PM Lee says Lee Kuan Yew helped shape Singapore’s values & ideals

In a Facebook post on Saturday (16 Sep), PM Lee said that day would’ve been his father’s 100th birthday. The late Mr Lee was born on 16 Sep 1923.

He said those of his generation have seen and experienced what Mr Lee and the other founding fathers did for Singapore.

Basically, they “shaped the values and ideals of a newly independent Singapore”, he added.

According to him, these values include:

  1. meritocracy
  2. religious freedom and racial harmony
  3. justice and equality
  4. self-reliance
  5. integrity
  6. incorruptibility

The PM maintained that succeeding generations of Singaporeans have upheld these fundamental ideals, creating a vibrant, thriving metropolis together.

Source: Joshua Ang on Unsplash

PM Lee lists events where Singaporeans can reflect on legacy of Lee Kuan Yew

PM Lee, who is Mr Lee’s older son, said he hoped Singaporeans would be able to appreciate the conditions of early Singapore.

He added that they should also remember our predecessors’ drive and determination to face down and overcome their immense challenges.

This especially goes for younger Singaporeans who have grown up in a modern and prosperous nation.

Thus, he listed several events organised to mark the birth centenary and “reflect on his legacy”.

For example, at Now Is Not The Time, an immersive art exhibition, visitors can experience a vision of our future through artificial intelligence (AI) and interactive media.

PM Lee and Lee Kuan Yew

Source: Now Is Not The Time SG on Facebook

Cabinet ministers pay tribute too

Besides PM Lee, his Cabinet ministers also paid tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for his 100th birthday.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said on Facebook that the occasion was a good opportunity to reflect on the values that Singapore was built upon.

He noted that Mr Lee had always prioritised investing in our people — including our youth. Thus, he’s glad to see that the funds raised by the Joint Initiative to support the LKY Centennial Fund will go towards students’ education and development.

In a post of his own, DPM Heng Swee Keat remembered Mr Lee as a founding father “who dedicated his life to building a better Singapore for all Singaporeans, regardless of race, language, or religion”.

Looking back to his four years working under Mr Lee, Mr Heng said they were “instrumental in shaping my values and outlook”.

Mr Heng and other staff celebrating Mr Lee’s 91st birthday in 2014. Source: Heng Swee Keat on Facebook

As Singapore commemorates his birthday, Mr Heng hoped each of us would continue to carry the “pioneering new spirit” that Mr Lee embodied in his life and work.

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing shared a photo of his first Tree Planting Day 12 years ago in 2011, where he planted a tree with Mr Lee himself.

Source: Chan Chun Sing on Facebook

He said he marked the day by planting trees with Tanjong Pagar and Radin Mas residents, continuing the tradition as “a symbol of our commitment to plant the seeds for the success of future generations”, also adding,

Our best tribute to Mr Lee will be to keep Singapore growing and glowing.

Clearly, without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore would have taken a very different path.

While we may not be doing anything too special to mark his centenary, perhaps all we need to do is take a short moment to think about how different our lives would be if not for him.

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Featured image adapted from Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore via Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook and MCI via Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook.

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