PM Lee Says Migrant Workers Will Continue To Be Cared For Like S’poreans, May Ease Dorm Rules Further

PM Lee Says Migrant Workers Will Get Medical Care When Sick, Thanks Them On International Migrants’ Day

Being a migrant worker isn’t easy. They do dangerous work in a foreign country away from their loved ones, and rest in living conditions that could be better.

This year, Singapore’s migrant workers had it worse than they usually do, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That makes International Migrants’ Day 2020 a more poignant one.

Recognising this, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has thanked our migrant workers.


He also said that Singapore will continue to care for them, just like Singaporeans are being cared for.

As the rules to contain Covid-19 in their dormitories have been eased, he added that they may be eased even further if case numbers remain low.

Migrant workers now healthy & safe from Covid-19: PM Lee

Mr Lee made his speech on Friday (18 Dec) to mark International Migrants’ Day 2020.

Addressing our migrant workers directly, he noted that it’s been almost a year since the 1st Covid-19 cases were detected among migrant workers.

Since then, a “tremendous effort” has been undertaken to stabilise the situation.


As a result, he said,

Migrant workers are healthy and safe from COVID-19.

PM Lee says it’s been difficult for migrant workers

However, PM Lee did acknowledge that migrant workers have been through a lot to get this far, saying he knows it’s been “a difficult period” for them.

Thus, he thanked them for their trust, patience and support.


He also credited them with following the rules and making sacrifices for the community, saying,

We could not have done this without your cooperation and sacrifices.

Singapore will continue to care for migrant workers

PM Lee then sounded a note of assurance to all our migrant workers.

He said that we will continue to care for them, just like how we care for our own Singaporeans.

That means when they fall ill, we will ensure they get medical care so they can return to work as soon as possible.

Photo courtesy of Singapore Ministry of Manpower

They will also be able to stay in touch with their families during this time.

Mr Lee also assured migrant workers of their place in Singapore society, saying,

You are welcomed members of our society.

Movement restrictions in dorms have been eased

As Covid-19 spread rapidly through migrant workers’ dormitories, the authorities had to take drastic action due to fears that this could spread to the wider community.

Thus, several dorms became isolation areas, where workers were confined in their rooms and couldn’t enjoy any communal activities.

Now that the situation has improved, and along with the announcement that Phase 3 is coming, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in a statement that it will start a pilot scheme to allow workers in some dorms to access the community once a month.

Movement restrictions have also been eased since Nov, reported TODAY Online.

Dorm rules can be eased further

Noting the relaxation of rules in dorms, PM Lee said migrant workers can now enjoy communal activities like cooking and sports.

They can also visit recreational centres.

He also revealed some more good news: If the number of cases in dorms and the wider community stays low, further easing of the rules can be on the horizon.

Thus, he urged migrant workers to stay vigilant and cooperate with the Government and their employers.

Is this way, everyone can be kept safe, he added.

Read a transcript of his speech here, or watch the video on Facebook below.

Their contributions are recognised & appreciated

With these reassuring words, our migrant workers will hopefully know that they’ll be fully supported by the Government and Singaporeans.

Though that doesn’t mean their lives won’t be hard, at least they know that their contributions to our nation are recognised and appreciated.

MS News wishes all our migrant workers a happy International Migrants’ Day.

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