Police Officer Fined $200, Gets 12 Demerit Points For Beating Red Light

No Special Treatment For Police Officer Who Beat Red Light

A police officer was fined $200 and given 12 demerit points, after a video of him beating a red light went viral last month.

While ambulances and police vehicles are granted special permissions on the road during emergency situations, this was clearly not an emergency. After all, the vehicle’s emergency siren was not on at the time.

Footage captured by an in-car camera shows the police car driving through a traffic junction at Bukit Batok, despite the traffic light turning red. Pedestrians had also started to cross the road.

Fortunately, the police officer realised his mistake in time and stopped to reverse the vehicle before the incident turned tragic.

No exceptions, not even for police officers

Traffic Police investigations confirmed the police officer in question failed to comply with the red light signal.

A Singapore Police Force spokesman added that officers are expected to “maintain the highest standards of conduct”. Any officer who breaks the rules “will be dealt with in accordance with the law”.

Appropriate punishment?

In this instance, the punishment given to the officer – $200 fine and 12 demerit points – is the standard penalty for failing to comply with traffic light signals.

But as one netizen pointed out, the police officer appears to have broken other traffic rules as well. These include driving in the opposite direction, for which drivers can receive 6 demerit points.



Should the police officer be punished for these offences as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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