S’porean Principal Allegedly Abuses Child At M’sia Childcare Centre, Gets Arrested By Police

Singaporean Principal At Malaysia Childcare Centre Allegedly Abuses Child With Autism

When children are placed in childcare centres, parents would often expect teachers to take good care of them.

Unfortunately, there have been instances of teachers abusing young children in school.

A Singaporean who was the principal of a childcare centre in Malaysia was called out by a parent after she was allegedly caught abusing his son.

The Straits Times (ST) reported that the principal has since been arrested on 3 Oct in Ampang Jaya. The police also discovered that she was an overstayer with an expired social pass.

Singaporean principal abuses child at Malaysia childcare

On 3 Oct, a father in Malaysia called out the school principal of a childcare centre for abusing his son.

He took to Facebook to explain that his son, who has Autism, was placed in a childcare centre that was believed to have the skills and capabilities to handle children with special needs.


Though he noticed several bruises on his son’s body and face, he thought it was an accident since his son was often active and playful.

However, on 1 Oct, the bruises he found were more serious, leading him to realise that they may have been caused by someone else.


The parent also spotted bruises on his son’s eye.


CCTV footage shows Singaporean principal abusing child

Hoping to seek answers, the boy’s father decided to ask the childcare centre for CCTV footage.

The video confirmed his fears — footage showed a woman attempting to feed his son. When the little boy refused, she raised her hands, prompting him to quickly cover his face.


A few seconds later, the boy attempted to run away.


However, the woman immediately caught him and dragged him roughly across the room.


She then placed him on the chair and pushed it violently towards the table. The boy could be heard crying in the video.


The whole incident occurred while another lady was sweeping the floor by the side. Since then, the boy’s father has made a police report.

Police arrests principal for allegedly abusing boy at childcare centre

According to ST, the Malaysian authorities identified the woman as Ms Sharifah Mazlan, the principal of the childcare centre.


The childcare’s website stated that she had 16 years of teaching experience.

Ms Sharifah has since been arrested on 3 Oct in Ampang Jaya, Malaysia.

Additionally, investigations revealed that Ms Sharifah was an overstayer with an expired social visit pass. The centre which operated for 7 years also had an expired license.

Though the childcare centre was supposed to be run by 8 people, there were only 4 employees including Ms Sharifah.

For neglecting a child, Ms Sharifah could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined. She could also be jailed for up to 5 years, fined up to RM10,000 ($3,248.78), and receive up to 6 strokes of the cane for overstaying.

Hope the boy will recover from the experience

It’s important for teachers to take good care of their students, especially since parents have entrusted them with their children.

This is especially so for children with special needs who might not be able to voice out their concerns.

Hopefully, the boy will recover from his injuries soon, as well as any trauma he might’ve experienced from the ordeal.

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Featured image adapted from Tengku Aminuddin Shafiq on Facebook

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