Ang Mo Kio Preschool Teacher Handles Child Roughly, Centre Apologises & Terminates Her Services

4-Year-Old Boy Suffers Neck Abrasions, Little Seeds Preschool Says He Was Mishandled By Teacher

When the time comes for children to go off to preschool, it’s often hard for their parents.

They’ll be worried that something bad could happen to their precious little ones in the care of outsiders, and more often than not the fear is unfounded.

However, one mother’s worries became reality when her 4-year-old son suffered neck abrasions after being mishandled by a teacher.


She shared some photos of the injuries on Facebook after he was discharged from hospital.


The centre, Little Seeds Preschool, has apologised for the incident and fired the teacher with immediate effect.

Mother claims it’s been going on since July

In the Facebook post on Saturday (5 Dec), the mother said a Chinese teacher had admitted to manhandling her son, Cody.

Although she didn’t elaborate on the teacher’s exact actions, she claimed that it wasn’t a one-time incident, and it’s been going on since July.


According to the mother, she also managed to watch CCTV footage of the incident.

In a media statement, Little Seeds Preschool explained that there is no evidence proving that the teacher had been mishandling the child since Jul 2020.

Current evidence only shows that this may have been an isolated case, based on the footage recorded during the incident.

Nonetheless, they value their students and parents, and are investigating the case further.

Boy stayed in hospital, bill more than $2,000

In her Facebook post, the mother shared a photo of her boy in a hospital bed, tagging the post’s location as Mount Alvernia Hospital.


She also posted a photo of a bill from the hospital.

From the invoice, we can see that Cody was warded for 1 day, and that the total bill came up to more than $2,000.


Although she didn’t really know how to pursue the matter, she said she shared about the incident to raise awareness.

Preschool said incident on 2 Dec was investigated

In response to queries from MS News, Little Seeds Preschool @ The Salvation Army (Ang Mo Kio) confirmed that an incident had happened on 2 Dec.

They described the case as one where “a teacher physically mishandled a 4-year-old boy”, resulting in abrasions to the back of his neck.

Investigations by the centre leader and executive principal determined that the teacher had “handled the child in a rough manner”.

Teacher fired, reported to ECDA

As a result of the investigation, action was taken, Little Seeds said.

They reported the incident to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), a government agency under the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

The teacher was also fired immediately.

Little Seeds said they deeply regret the incident, and they’ll continue taking measures to ensure such things don’t happen again.

They have also offered assistance and support to the child and his family.

Hurting to both parent & child

When parents send their child to a centre, they place their trust in the people there.

Thus, having their beloved end up physically injured due to the actions of a teacher is something that’ll hurt the parent as well as the child.

Hopefully, Cody recovers from his injuries soon, and doesn’t suffer emotional and mental trauma from the incident.

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